This is Emues

The doors are finally open, to what some of us might call a new era in music. Together, a group of creative and hard working music lovers, designers, IT guys and researchers from around the world are now able to bring music the online platform it deserves. We’ve had enough of empty venues, cancelled concerts and festivals. Emues brings you the opportunity to decide who's on stage in what city and when, utilizing brilliant open-source technologies and social networks that you enjoy.

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Sincerely yours,
The Emues Crew

  1. Register to Emues.
  2. Become a fan of your favourite artists.
  3. Suggest and buy tickets to a concert.
  4. Keep track of audience needed for the concert to take place.
  5. Promote and share on Emues and with your friends on facebook and followers on twitter.
  6. When enough people have bought tickets, the concert with one of your favourite artists will take place.

Have an impact on which artists get to perform on a stage near you!

  1. Register to Emues.
  2. Import fans from MySpace and Facebook.
  3. Accept or decline incoming concert suggestions.
  4. Promote and share with fans on Emues, MySpace, facebook and twitter.
  5. When the needed audience limit has been reached, your soldout concert will become reality.

If you've got fans, the gig is on!

  1. Register to Emues.
  2. Import followers and fans from twitter and facebook.
  3. Suggest concerts in your venue and set the concert requirements.
  4. Accept or decline incoming concert suggestions.
  5. When the required amount of tickets is sold out, the concert is guaranteed.

Your audience will be guaranteed and the concert a success!