Our super active intern, Kristofer Nilsson, is always out and about, checking out what Malmö has to offer when it comes to culture, more so, the music scene. Here’s what he has to share with us…

Malmö is a city of constant activity. If you have a little time and some money to spare. One can, without exaggeration, attend at least one event every day, all year round.

Last week, I decided to visit four events, three of them concerts.

Inkonst offered on Tuesday a free concert by the southern interior city prides Dalaplan. This is the band with The Sonics-inspired garage riffs offer tones that makes the firm decision to sing along, clap, and although it was Tuesday, dance a little drop.

On Thursday, I went to Babel and Kick-Start to see more interesting, local, new talent. The
artists that were on the scene for this evening:
Libra, who celebrated her new release by delivering goa electronic tones. For those of you
who like siblings Dreijers stuff, check out Libra.
Idle Hands did it again. He enthralled the audience through its beautifully fragile voice and
big band The Devil’s Play Things did exactly what to do when you have cello, two banjo,
electric guitar, pedal steel, bass, drums, triangle and marackas.
The Culture In Memoriam burning of his songs with great panache. It was great to see
them when I have not done it before. Turning back again to a look-a-like-particular-band-
check-in-theese. If you like Johnossi, peek into TCIM!

Saturday night was a night of intimacy and high rock and roll tones. I was on the

Wittsell III @ Mässingshornet

Mässingshornet, Kirsebergs gem, to see when the Demobanken club Hemma Hos moved
the living room a few hundred meters to the east than we are accustomed. On stage stood
Wittsell III and Fracture, two very promising band from southwest Skåne, which played to an
audience that was very touched. Other people were obviously concerned – the owner who
said that Hemma Hos had saved his sales and neighbors who complained about the high