Friday, April 27th, Malmö: Another amazing music night at STPLN with the crowdfunded concept The Night Starts Here.

A gig was suggested for Sonja Skibdahl and Funked Up and over 20 of their fans got together to make it happen. The result? A fun night in the always cozy atmosphere with a lot of great music.

Anna Tenfält and Josefine Trilhamn welcomed the crowd and kept music playing at all times, with great indie pop beats.

On stage, Sonja Skibdahl‘s music transcended the lyrics: between Swedish and Finish, it was a personal sound that could speak to our hearts. An intimate start followed by her witty guitar and warm personality.

On a bit different pace, Funked Up took the stage and it was loud and good: groovy music that got everybody on their feet and wishing for more! There was crazy energy on stage on a sound that felt much more mature than their look. Oh yes: they know how to set the tone for a party.

To see more pictures of this night, visit Emues Flickr profile or check out the album on Emues Facebook Fan Page.

The crowd @ STPLN

Thanks to bands like Sonja Skibdahl and Funked UP, and places like STPLN, a lot of good music have got a chance to be discovered by the people who want to see them live on stage. It shows that, no matter what kind of music you make as an artist, if you got a few people who want to see you live, together with Emues, that can happen.

Like the idea? Join us and make more live music happen, wherever your are.

Sincerely yours,

The Emues Crew