People say there’s always a first time for everything.
With EMUES, last week, there was a first time for 2 things: the first EXPIRED gig and the first SOLD OUT gig.

The suggestion was up to see Crying Day Care Choir and Frantic Sunday and the amazing people at Rockfoto got onboard and would also put up an awesome exhibition together with the gig, all at STPLN.
Tomas, from Frantic Sunday, invited everybody to get together and make it happen and by the deadline, unfortunately, not enough tickets got sold. Because of that, there will be no gig for them or exhibtion.

We know, for sure, that it would’ve been great fun, but it’s really up to crowd to make things happen when a suggestion is up on EMUES. It’s left for us to give a BIG thanks to the amazing 2 bands: Frantic Sunday and Crying Day Care Choir (they will be on tour now, so make sure to catch them in a town near you), to the cool folks at Rockfoto and of course, to STPLN, that has embraced EMUES concept from the very beginning. We look forward to collaborate with all of you again shortly!

On the other hand, EMUES also experienced a first SOLD OUT gig: 80 tickets had to be sold if the crowd wanted to see Turn Off Your Television together with The Glade at Sankt Gertrud. 80 was also the maximum amount of tickets available. During that same weekend was the 1st edition of the cool Öresundsfestival. It was a big challenge, but all it takes is for people to get together and make it happen, which they did.

It was a magical night with great atmosphere at the rustic music pub at Sankt Gertrud.
Turn Off Your Television opened the night and surrounded the crowd with their soft and mellow songs, having everybody wrapped around their melodies. The crowd asked for more and that’s the feeling we were left with: more please?

The Glade took on the stage next and it was fire! Perfect mix of rock and vulnerability which allow everybody to get engaged in each and every song. It could’ve lasted the whole night – and it should have.

Check out pictures from this event on EMUES flickr profile.

And the day before that, another 2 great bands performed at The Night Starts Here at STPLN: Jamin & The Arms and Poplöst.

We got a proper soft start with Jamin & The Arms and the great mixture of sounds, instruments, voices and feelings. They took the crowd on a music journey and everybody seemed to have had a great trip.

Rock was back in town when the young guys at Poplöst took the stage: they move you with their moves on stage and delivered rock and roll on a plate. All got amazed to see not only pure rock in their own songs, but a much enjoyed cover of “Killing in the name” by RATM. Enough said.

And yes: it’s ALL up to YOU. Always. So suggest a gig and make it happen – because only YOU can!

Sincerely Yours,
Emues Crew

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