1. How did you manage to play at Scandinavia’s biggest festival, Malmöfestivalen?

Without the fantastic support from all those lovely people who voted for me, it wouldn’t have been possible to play. I’m very grateful for that amazing support and also towards EMUES who gave me the chance to participate in the competition. Beside that, I’m very goal-oriented and that helps a lot.

2. How did it feel to play?

It was such a wonderful feeling of happiness and joy! The stage was perfect for me, the bassplayer and drummer, it felt like we had the audience near us but still on a big area. It’s been a long trip of preparations of different kind and a lot of nerves till I finally stood there. Amazing simply and the response from the audience was great, it felt like everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.

3. How would you describe your music?

Melodic, “poppy” and with an edge to it. My wish is too make music that really touches people and reminds one of what feelings sound like.

4. What are your plans with your music in the near future?

In the near future my wish is to play at bigger stages then I’ve done before, where a lot of people can hear my music. And my plan this fall is also to record my songs through collaborations with music producers.

5. What do your fans mean to you?

My fans mean so much! I love them. It’s an amazing feeling to know that people get so touched by your music and really want to see and hear it over and over again.

6. Could you name one public person/figure/video/blog that inspires you at the moment, or has been inspiring you most recently?

There are a lot of people, but if I’m to choose one I’d say “Pussy Riot”. Those girls are amazingly brave and I think their struggle and strength is an inspiration to everyone.

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