We are excited to report that Turn off your television has just released a sneak peak of their new album that is scheduled to be released on the October 8th, 2012. This song, called Blanket of Shame, is the first track of their coming album. Listen to it and download it here.

The rest of the album will be released digitally through the record label Sound of Wool on Spotify and iTunes and will be possible to download from their website at an optional donation.

The melodious folk rock inspired Turn off your television is a three man band that creates tunes that we admire. Turn off your television has also been pioneering the live music scene and have been in the forefront of using in the early stages. They were actually the first band to be booked through the system. We look forward to their upcoming album release and hope to see them live in many venues in the near future!

Turn off your television is made up:

Jon Rinneby: Lead vocals, guitar and producer
Stellan Klint: Bass and harmonica
Erik Willman: Drums and backing vocals

Like them on Facebook. Follow them on Twitter. And check out their site. And let us know if you would like to hear them live in a venue near you and book the gig through!