At the end of February and in early March, part of the Emues Crew is flying from Scandinavia to meet friends, listen to music and hang out in London. We’re there for a bit of business too.

In a few weeks time, we will be opening up Emues in London and the rest of Europe. And if you haven’t heard about it yet:

Emues enables anyone to suggest, promote and book concerts. Emues brings you the opportunity to decide who’s on stage in what city and when, utilizing brilliant open-source technologies and social networks that you enjoy.

It’s simple. It’s power to the people. We like to call it a live music revolution – giving people power, minimizing risks, and ensuring a direct revenue stream in the live music industry.

So whether you’re an artist, have a record label, work with live music events, or if you just LOVE new technology and music, you just might be the partner we’re looking for. We would love to meet up, hear more about you and show you what Emues has to offer. 

Send us an email: crew@emues.com

– Love from Markus & Julia