Emues gives people a new way to book concerts. The idea is that if there are enough people who want to see a band in a particular city the show is on! Anyone can suggest a gig. Once a suggestion has been accepted by the artist and the venue, tickets are up for sale and the concert gets booked once enough people have bought tickets. This is a way to minimize risk and secure an income for artists and venues. In other words, Emues is a sort of crowdfunding for gigs.

Whether you are an artist, venue or fan, the suggestion is only the first step. How do you ensure that the concert becomes reality?

Here is a guide we’ve put together to help you succeed in crowdfunding a gig through Emues.

1. Mobilize the crowd. 

Success in crowdfunding is of course due to the crowd! It is important to:

  • Make people aware of the concert suggestion. Engage the artist, the fans and the venue and reach out to like-minded individuals and friends who also would be interested in seeing the band play. It is important to ensure that information gets out.
  • Get a crew that will help you to reach out. Besides the individual that would buy a ticket, get passionate people involved and dedicated to help you spread the word. Through this the burden is not solely on your shoulders to make the event reality. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and ask people to help out. Really, it’s all about a few clicks. The bigger the crowd, the bigger the chance of making the show happen!

2. Continue to update people on the progress

Use your social media and other platforms to keep people posted about the amount of tickets left. Make sure that your crew of individuals do the same on their platforms.

3. Be Creative!

Be creative when using your social media and other platforms. Share your story. If you’re an artist, create a video or recording to engage your fans in the concert suggestion. Make a creative press release. Take a photo, make poster, change your Facebook cover photo, etc. The sky is your limit! The Emues Crew would be happy to help, do contact us. We are also working on tools that could help you to successfully book gigs through Emues.

And remember, once the gig is on, it is totally worth the effort. The band will probably never have played for a more passionate crowd than the one you mobilized.

Stay tuned for more tips & tricks!

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What have YOU done to successfully crowdfund a gig through Emues? Please share your stories, ideas and more with us.