Presenting: Anna Jadéus

Anna Jadéus Photo

In the year 2000 Olsen Brothers won the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Fly On The Wings of Love” and I never thought that I wold listen to that song and be touched. But then I found Anna Jadéus and her cover of the song!  Watch the cover here

Listen for yourself on her Emues page, or at Spotify.
I am so proud to present the newest addition to Emues, swedish singer and musician Anna Jadéus. She makes both dreamy and experimental pop and she’s a joy to watch on stage. I’m super excited to see her live soon again and make sure you don’t miss out!

Do you want to see Anna live? Make it happen, by following these three steps:

1. Sign in to using Facebook or email and click ‘Suggest new concert’
2. Once the suggestion is accepted by Anna and the venue, Buy your ticket and start promoting the potential concert to other fans and friends
3. When enough tickets are sold the concert is booked and successfully financed!

Don’t be shy, contact us if you have any questions.