Turn off Your Television – Save all the liars

Save all the liars

I have had the honour to follow these guys for quite some time now. I am glad that they were one of the first bands to get booked by their fans through Emues!

Inspired by the likes of Sparklehorse, Luna, Cracker and Grand Archives 
–  Turn off Your Television, Biography 

Being born and raised on the Swedish west coast, far up north in a tiny fisherman’s town, I find some of the tracks on their new album ‘Save all the liars’ as a expression to depict the rough winters and the cold hard ocean winds. No matter if you are born and raised in a nordic country like Sweden, I strongly recommend you to put this album on your playlists and book them for a concert during the winter.

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Visit their website and check out their profile on Emues.com.

Their album is also available on iTunes.