Malmö för Musikhjälpen (Malmö for Music Aid)

Every year Musikhjälpen (Swedish for music aid) is hosted by P3 Swedish Radio, Swedish Television and Radiohjälpen, to raise funds to a neglected humanitarian or development crisis. During the project, three programme hosts live for six days in a house constructed of glass without access to food—instead, the hosts drink a special type of juice for sustenance. While the hosts reside in the house, they play songs requested by radio listeners, TV viewers, followers on the Internet or from those people who visit the glass box. While making song requests, the listeners are expected to donate a certain amount of money to the project. Musikhjälpen is based on the Dutch programme Serious Request.

Malmö is joining the initiative by hosting a special event with local bands and artists to raise money to musikhjälpen. This year the money raised will go towards helping women survive their pregnancy. As the founder of Girls’ Globe, I will be speaking at the event about the problem, the emergency, the positive change that is being made, and the possibilities for all of us to get involved. So come, learn more, donate to a great cause and listen to some amazing live music.

Join us in Malmö!


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