New venue: Kulturhuset Framtiden

2013 has turned into 2014 and we’re up for new meetings with inspiring people, like all the creative people we met last year. One example of a large amount of creativity and DIY-spirit is our newest venue. Meet Kulturhuset Framtiden in Linköping. I had a little chat with them where they present themselves and their activities.


To begin with, we’re so glad to have you guys with us on Emues!
Yeah, thanks a lot for hooking us up!

Who and what is Framtiden? How did it all start?
Kulturhuset Framtiden was started and is run by our small collective Streetexpressions, based in Östergötland, Sweden. Streetex is me Adrian Pettersson, and my buddies Pär Carlsson, Andreas von Knudelhausen, Julius Nord and Sebastian Galo, we make art, music, tattoos, host events and more. We’ve been a crew since 2010 and have, since the beginning, talked about finding some place to have our studios and, if there’s enough room, run a small, independent art gallery where we can exhibit artist we like and throw small parties.

As soon as we started looking for real we found this enormous old warehouse-space where we really could fulfill our dreams, and more. We opened in June 2013.

What is your ambition with Framtiden?
We think that Östergötland and Linköping has had a very flat cultural scene and it was time to mix things up. To show everyone that something out of the ordinary can be made by young people without any real funding if you really show dedication.

But mostly we want to present great art (mostly street art), put on the best concerts around, and give our visitors something great to remember, right here in the middle of Sweden.

Who’s your typical guest right now?
We don’t have a typical guest. If we host a hiphop jam the visitors tend to be a bit younger and when we open a new exhibition with oil paintings, the visitors are older… It seems all ages, groups and genders feel at home. And we plan to keep it that way.

Why should anyone come to you and see a live concert?
It’s a beautiful space, there are nice people, great music, a lot of surprises, cool art and you can afford it. Not to sound braggy…. well, yeah to sound braggy: It is the best place around.

What band or artist would you like to see on your stage?
At our stage you can see everything from experimental techhouse to good old punk. The important thing is that it sounds great LIVE. Our musicians do not need to be famous necessarily but they have to live for what they do and show a high quality on stage. We will present music we really believe gonna “make it”. Thous the name Framtiden, that’s what we wanna show you, the Future

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