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Q: How do I sign in to Emues.com?
A: Simply click “Sign Up” or click one of the three small social network icons, looking like share-buttons at the top. If Emues is not available in your country yet, check out the question below. 

Q: When can I use Emues in my country?
A: Sign up to be notified directly and stay tuned here on our blog as we open up globally according to demand. Contact us and let us know where you’re from if you want to partner with us as we launch in your city. We would love to hear your ideas.

Q: Who is EMUES for?
A: Emues can be used by anyone who wants to suggest, book, promote or fund live music events. Whether you are an artist, venue, fan or a representative of a band, i.e. record label or booking agency, you can use Emues to efficiently and cost effectively book live music events.

Q: What is EMUES for?
A: Emues enables anyone to suggest, promote, book and fund concerts with only a few clicks. When gigs are booked through Emues, a passionate audience is guaranteed, as well as, the artist’s and venue’s revenue. Emues makes the live music industry easier and cost effective. Check out more information for artists or more information for venues.

Q: How do I Get a Ticket?
A: Sign in to Emues and click the ‘Get Tickets’ for the concert you want to attend.

Q: How do I suggest a Concert?
A:  Click on the SUGGEST NEW CONCERT button to the right and add the artists you would like to suggest.

Q: Why do I have to create an account to get tickets?
A: From your account you will access your tickets to be printed or displayed using your mobile. Also if a concert is cancelled for any reason, you will instantly get your money back, without any hassle.

Q: What happens if the concert does not sell minimum tickets?
A: If the concert is cancelled or minimum tickets not sold on time, the concert is not booked and instantly you get your money back to your Emues-wallet. Keep your money in your wallet and get a new ticket without paying the transaction fee again, or have your money sent back to your credit card.

We are always working on making Emues.com even better, so we would love talking to you. Hook us up on facebooktwitter or send us an email, crew@emues.com

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