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Amazing New Music Video: Iida – “Hands”

The new video by Swedish artist Iida is a fabulous call for greater communication, and was premiered on today. Iida, who has shot up on the charts with her previous single Life Will Kill You, mixes folk, classical and pop music into sweet, sensual and incredibly strong tunes.

For this amazing video, featuring a dancer who is also one of my closest friends, Iida worked together with a deaf girl Amina. Through their cooperation they were able to communicate using their hands, showing that it may be easier than one believes to understand or to be understood.

Watch this fresh video by Iida, and let her know that we’d love to see her on Emues, so that we can suggest and book concerts to see her play live on a stage near us!

Sunday Soundtrack: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a great movie, an amazing trip throughout imagination and the real world. It is beautifully filmed and filled with music for all the sences. The soundtrack includes several tracks from Swedish song-writer José Gonzales.

Enjoy these tracks as you dream away to or plan your life of adventure.  Take the leap.

[spotify id=”spotify:album:1WfjeDnn6P7umwi5gLZSGx” width=”450″ height=”380″ /]


And if you haven’t seen the movie, watch it! It is full of wit, humor and beauty.

Funked Up Live at the Emues Showcase

Funked Up played live at the Emues Showcase in November 2013 at Mitt Möllan in Malmö, Sweden. Funked Up have been dear friends of the Emues Crew since Emues took its first steps a few years back. The band has been booked by the people through Emues several times, and in this video and interview, they tell us a bit more about their experience with Emues.

Filmed by Sasha Bond & Joosep Koivistik. Check out Sasha’s YouTube and Joosep’s blog.

Now, you can join in and book Funked Up at KICK-START, at Babel in Malmö, together with Truman Legion. Get your tickets and ensure that Funked Up gets booked for another incredible gig!

Photo Credit: Emues/Inez Dawczyk
Photo Credit: Emues/Inez Dawczyk
Photo Credit: Emues/Inez Dawczyk
Photo Credit: Emues/Inez Dawczyk
Photo Credit: Emues/Inez Dawczyk
Photo Credit: Emues/Inez Dawczyk

Find more photos from the Emues Showcase in our Flickr set.

KICK-START & EMUES: Presenting the best local up and coming bands in Malmö

KICK-START is a live music club in Malmö, Sweden, that showcases the best up and coming local bands. The club has enabled many strong acts to take the stage throughout the years, including The Ark, Sahara Hotnights, MF/MB, Tingsek, and many more. This spring, KICK-START will be engaging fans to take part in booking some of the best, new, local bands around, through Emues.

In other words, KICK-START is inviting YOU to be a part of ensuring bands get to play live at Babel, Malmö, for an audience that loves them.

The KICK-START season premier is this Thursday, February 27th, at Babel, with Stars in Coma, Poplöst, The Camisards and The Valottes. The latter two bands have been successfully booked by the people through Emues! Don’t miss out, and get your tickets here. Below is the whole season’s line up.


Be a part of booking KICK-START’s concerts on Emues!

Malmö för Musikhjälpen (Malmö for Music Aid)

Every year Musikhjälpen (Swedish for music aid) is hosted by P3 Swedish Radio, Swedish Television and Radiohjälpen, to raise funds to a neglected humanitarian or development crisis. During the project, three programme hosts live for six days in a house constructed of glass without access to food—instead, the hosts drink a special type of juice for sustenance. While the hosts reside in the house, they play songs requested by radio listeners, TV viewers, followers on the Internet or from those people who visit the glass box. While making song requests, the listeners are expected to donate a certain amount of money to the project. Musikhjälpen is based on the Dutch programme Serious Request.

Malmö is joining the initiative by hosting a special event with local bands and artists to raise money to musikhjälpen. This year the money raised will go towards helping women survive their pregnancy. As the founder of Girls’ Globe, I will be speaking at the event about the problem, the emergency, the positive change that is being made, and the possibilities for all of us to get involved. So come, learn more, donate to a great cause and listen to some amazing live music.

Join us in Malmö!


Above Orange – Better Days

Above Orange, from Lund, Sweden are releasing their new EP, Unreal City, on 5 December. Here is their new single, Better Days. Enjoy!

Do you want to see Above Orange live? Make it happen, by following these three steps:

1. Sign in to using Facebook or your email and click ‘Suggest new concert’
2. Once the suggestion is accepted by Above Orange and the venue, buy your ticket and start promoting the potential concert to other fans and friends
3. When enough tickets are sold the concert is booked and successfully financed!

Don’t be shy, contact us if you have any questions.

CMJ Flashback

CMJ Music Marathon takes over New York City every year as the most important showcase festival in the world, with over 1400 bands playing around the city in 5 days and nights. Emues hit the streets this year and attended several gigs during CMJ. Here are two of my very favorite.

The Preatures played the first time in New York City at The Bowery Hotel.

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