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Abidaz feat. Robyn – Nitti5

So, don’t you just love the new release from Abidaz, Sweden’s most interesting rapper at the time? According to me the best track on the album In & Ut is the track Nitti5 where queen of pop Robyn is featured. No words needed, it’s just wow! Do yourself a favour this Friday and listen now.

[spotify id=”spotify:track:2pWlQfkj3hVvD6wERMckuw” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]

Here’s the official video of the tracks Benägen and Kvalitet & Kvantitet

Traveling through music, time and across continents

If you are in Malmö today you can enjoy the Swedish premiere of the documentary ”Brasslands”. It screens at Doc Lounge Malmö in collaboration with CPH:DOX and Music Doc . The screening promises a lot of brass music and a unique documentary experience.

I started loving balkan brass music when I was in high school, about 10 years ago. I believed it had something to do with the steady bass lines, in combination with fast paced rhythms. But balkan brass is also Continue reading Traveling through music, time and across continents

Once you go online…

We’ve all heard the cliché about leaving footprints in life, and what you do in life can not be undone and so on, right? And you do know that once you go online almost everything you do is public and viral? That’s one of the terms of being an online person. Anything you write and post is for others to read, see and maybe use for their own interest. Like when you write mean tweets about musicians and later on they’re read by the ‘victim’ in the show Jimmy Kimmel Live. I don’t know who is the real victim, the one getting dissed or the one who’s just publicly ranted out and laughed at.

“@2Chainz looks like Whoopi Goldberg… #Truuuuu”

What is your experience interacting with celebrities or your fans online? Please share Continue reading Once you go online…

My dream concert: Buraka Som Sistema

Whenever I need to cheer up or have to get pumped up there’s only one solution and that’s Buraka Som Sistema. It’s a Portuguese group of singers, producers, musicians and dj-s that’s been adding awesomeness to my life since 2008.

Buraka Som Sistema

For those of you that haven’t heard of Buraka Som Sistema before, one could describe their music as a fusion between Angolan Kuduro and up to date electronic music. Kuduro is not only a genre of music, but also a dance.  Buraka Som Sistema have created a whole new sound that has influenced producers, djs and audiences all over the world. Mostly I would like to say that they (among just a few others) are the ones to thank for having a european tropical bass scene.

[spotify id=”spotify:track:3ovzlSJZVe1g4as77ajDQz” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]

What I’ve heard from others who have seen them live are that it’s always dripping from the roof and their shows are something else. It’s just like a big dance battle, with a pumped up crowd and a colourful live band. How can you not be tempted to join? You could just look at one of their music videos to get a hint of what they do on stage! My favorite song is Kalemba (Wegue Wegue), which I listen to every time I walk to work. Then I pretend to be in a music video (yes, I’m still 8 years old from time to time).

Here is a video with parts of the group on a live dj-set at Boiler Room that kind of sums up what sound they have been a part of creating and contributed to!

So… I’ve been waiting since 2008 to see them live and now they are coming to Copenhagen in just 2 weeks!  They are coming to screen their documentary “Off the beaten track” and do a live show with full band and everything!

This is so good I can’t handle it. So I’ll see you there!

What is your dream concert? Tell me about it in the comments field below!

(photo credit:  Buraka Som Sistema)

Lucy Love

Emues is all about empowerment and engagement. That is why I love being a part of the Emues Crew as an intern.

So, because of the thinking that everything is possible I love artists like danish rapper Lucy Love!
Her whole career is built upon the idea of DIY. She is the one in charge of everything, from creating the music to graphic design and costume making.

Her new album Desperate Days of Dynamite was released earlier this week and it’s beyond this world!

Lucy Love – Desperate Days of Dynamite

[spotify id=”spotify:album:0rqXfmTU32WqqRJjSaBIxo” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]

Tonight I am at her release party in Copenhagen!
Have you been to a show with Lucy Love? Please share with us in the comment field below.