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What’s bloggin’ in Sweden, Ladyfest Malmö? (part 2/4)

We’ve been asking folks where they find their new music inspiration online, so we thought we’d create a mini-blog series to share their Swedish blog tips with you! (Did you miss the first post, featuring Martin Thörnkvist? Check it out.)

Ladyfest Malmö holds the mic


Next up in our “What’s bloggin’ in Sweden?”-series is Ladyfest Malmö – a feminist cultural association that promotes gender equality within music, culture and the arts. Ladyfest is a global movement, with groups of activists in cities around the world, working to ensure that women get as much representation as men in the local and global cultural landscape. Follow these ladies on Facebook and Instagram

Emelie Veide of Ladyfest Malmö shares her destinations for her online new Swedish music shot (originally written in Swedish):

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What’s bloggin’ in Sweden, Martin Thörnkvist? (part 1/4)

We are super proud to be partly based in Malmö, Sweden. It’s an inspiring place for both music and startups! More and more frequently friends from overseas ask us for recommendations of Swedish music blogs and channels that are good at highlighting new upcoming Swedish music.

We’d like to lighten up this week by adding some lovely music spots for you to hangout online. So we’ve reached out to some of our friends asking them for their top 3+ places to go to for their weekly Swedish music shot. We’re calling this mini-series “What’s bloggin’ in Sweden?” So the coming four days, starting today, you will hear from four lovely and inspiring friends of ours: Martin Thörnkvist, GNUČČI, Patrick Larsson and Ladyfest!

Martin Thörnkvist holds the mic


As an entrepreneur, founder of the label Songs I Wish I had Written, manager for the artist Motoboy, media trend-analyst and now director of The Conference Martin surfs the world-wide-web on a minute-frequent basis for new tech, trends and music.

Check him out on his website.

My top places to go to for my daily Swedish music shot are: 



[spotify id=”spotify:user:fewmanchu:playlist:5SjBWubN9ieTPR8kK4whJ8″ width=”300″ height=”380″ /]



[spotify id=”spotify:user:fewmanchu:playlist:5SjBWubN9ieTPR8kK4whJ8″ width=”300″ height=”380″ /]

Tomorrow in ‘What’s bloggin’ in Sweden?’ you will hear from Ladyfest Malmö through Emelie, about their best online spots for Swedish music. Stay tuned!

What’s your favourite online hangout for new upcoming music? Share with us below or on twitter @Emueslive

Turn off Your Television – Save all the liars

Save all the liars

I have had the honour to follow these guys for quite some time now. I am glad that they were one of the first bands to get booked by their fans through Emues!

Inspired by the likes of Sparklehorse, Luna, Cracker and Grand Archives 
–  Turn off Your Television, Biography 

Being born and raised on the Swedish west coast, far up north in a tiny fisherman’s town, I find some of the tracks on their new album ‘Save all the liars’ as a expression to depict the rough winters and the cold hard ocean winds. No matter if you are born and raised in a nordic country like Sweden, I strongly recommend you to put this album on your playlists and book them for a concert during the winter.

[spotify id=”spotify:album:5FhAaXcAA3jPoZovmoaYZo” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]

Visit their website and check out their profile on

Their album is also available on iTunes.

This Is Head – Repetition Radio

The sorcerers from our beloved town Malmö, Sweden, This Is Head release new video and EP. If you have not seem them live yet we strongly suggest that you do so! Check out their upcoming dates in Sweden as well as their upcoming North American tour, dates still TBA.

Upcoming shows in Sweden

Nov 13 Lilla Hotellbaren Stockholm
Nov 15 Kafé De Luxe Vaxjö
Dec 20 Kulturbolaget Malmö

If you can’t make it to these shows, check out their Emues profile and suggest a concert.

Let’s change the world!

Wall painting Brooklyn

I strongly believe that we are able to solve our world’s biggest problems. And I also believe that in order to do so, we need to come up with more brilliant solutions, services and business models that facilitates the opportunity for you and me to do so. More specifically, through changing the live music business I believe we can facilitate a huge impact to solve these problems.  Continue reading Let’s change the world!