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Emues DJ Showcase

Last fall Emues had a showcase at Mitt Möllan in Malmö, Sweden, where some of all great bands on Emues were showcased. Now it’s time for the DJ acts! Some of all the awesome DJ acts are going to perform a special set for this showcase.

Saturday July 26th Emues will be taking over Stora Galleriet inside Mitt Möllan. Great music from awesome DJ acts (with more acts to come), refreshing beer from Pripps and a chance to get to know more about Emues vision that will change the concert industry. Emues is additionally always interested in talented and stoked new additions to our team (read about me here on the blog 😉

See you at Mitt Möllan! And hey, don’t forget to attend the Facebook-event.





More acts to be announced…

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Welcome Amel!

We are honoured to welcome Amel to the Emues Crew. As an Emues Activist, Amel will be involved in several exciting projects and collaborations. He will also be blogging right here on the Emues Blog! 

My name is Amel Suljevic and I am the latest addition to the Emues Crew, as an Emues Activist. I recently moved to Malmö, Sweden, where I now study Media and Communication at Malmö University.

I got in touch with Markus, the founder of Emues, almost immediately when I came to Malmö. Before we hooked up I had heard a lot of things about this new-thinking platform for booking concerts. I loved the idea from the very start because I have worked with booking concerts in my hometown Katrineholm and I am aware of all the problems and difficulties with that process.

Besides of my attempts of being a ”cultural concert-booking superhero” in a pretty boring home town, I consider myself to be a regular guy who loves great music and especially good live-music. I love going to different concerts, festivals and clubs to explore and experience new music.

I am really stoked to be working with Emues, to have the chance to contribute to the future live music industry and with a positive impact and change!

Not a big fan of playlists (can’t ever stick to them and keep on updating them) but I made one especially for this occasion with som ballin’ tracks!

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