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Fans are Now Booking: Tim The Lion Tamer + Black River Delta

Fans are now in the process of booking Tim The Lion Tamer and Black River Delta at KICK-START at Babel in Malmö, Sweden.

Get a ticket for yourself and a friend to be a part of booking  these amazing up & coming bands. When enough tickets are sold, the gig is on!

Tim the Lion Tamer

This amazing song-writer mesmerizes with his folk and indie-inpsired tunes. Tim the Lion Tamer‘s clear and deep voice resonates into the soul.

Black River Delta

Black River Delta is a blues rock band from Sweden, with an industrial and naked sound. This trio makes music that takes you back to the future.

KICK-START has several concert suggestions open to be booked by fans through Emues during the coming months. Check out the complete line-up and get your tickets to book the best, new, local bands around.

Funked Up Live at the Emues Showcase

Funked Up played live at the Emues Showcase in November 2013 at Mitt Möllan in Malmö, Sweden. Funked Up have been dear friends of the Emues Crew since Emues took its first steps a few years back. The band has been booked by the people through Emues several times, and in this video and interview, they tell us a bit more about their experience with Emues.

Filmed by Sasha Bond & Joosep Koivistik. Check out Sasha’s YouTube and Joosep’s blog.

Now, you can join in and book Funked Up at KICK-START, at Babel in Malmö, together with Truman Legion. Get your tickets and ensure that Funked Up gets booked for another incredible gig!

Photo Credit: Emues/Inez Dawczyk
Photo Credit: Emues/Inez Dawczyk
Photo Credit: Emues/Inez Dawczyk
Photo Credit: Emues/Inez Dawczyk
Photo Credit: Emues/Inez Dawczyk
Photo Credit: Emues/Inez Dawczyk

Find more photos from the Emues Showcase in our Flickr set.

Malmö för Musikhjälpen (Malmö for Music Aid)

Every year Musikhjälpen (Swedish for music aid) is hosted by P3 Swedish Radio, Swedish Television and Radiohjälpen, to raise funds to a neglected humanitarian or development crisis. During the project, three programme hosts live for six days in a house constructed of glass without access to food—instead, the hosts drink a special type of juice for sustenance. While the hosts reside in the house, they play songs requested by radio listeners, TV viewers, followers on the Internet or from those people who visit the glass box. While making song requests, the listeners are expected to donate a certain amount of money to the project. Musikhjälpen is based on the Dutch programme Serious Request.

Malmö is joining the initiative by hosting a special event with local bands and artists to raise money to musikhjälpen. This year the money raised will go towards helping women survive their pregnancy. As the founder of Girls’ Globe, I will be speaking at the event about the problem, the emergency, the positive change that is being made, and the possibilities for all of us to get involved. So come, learn more, donate to a great cause and listen to some amazing live music.

Join us in Malmö!


Emues Showcase in Malmö

Emues ShowcaseOn Thursday this week, Emues is hosting a showcase in Malmö, Sweden featuring three amazing local bands and fabulous Konstprettton will DJ. You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about Emues – we’ll be there to answer any questions you may have about booking your dream concert, how it works, and how to mobilize your friends or fans to make it happen!

Playing live: Funked Up, tontine and Anna Jadéus. Here are a few snapshots:

Join our Facebook event! We look forward to seeing you there. Oh, and share your Instagram photos and videos with us throughout the evening by tagging them with #Emues.

This Is Head – Repetition Radio

The sorcerers from our beloved town Malmö, Sweden, This Is Head release new video and EP. If you have not seem them live yet we strongly suggest that you do so! Check out their upcoming dates in Sweden as well as their upcoming North American tour, dates still TBA.

Upcoming shows in Sweden

Nov 13 Lilla Hotellbaren Stockholm
Nov 15 Kafé De Luxe Vaxjö
Dec 20 Kulturbolaget Malmö

If you can’t make it to these shows, check out their Emues profile and suggest a concert.

CMJ Flashback

CMJ Music Marathon takes over New York City every year as the most important showcase festival in the world, with over 1400 bands playing around the city in 5 days and nights. Emues hit the streets this year and attended several gigs during CMJ. Here are two of my very favorite.

The Preatures played the first time in New York City at The Bowery Hotel.

Continue reading CMJ Flashback

My dream concert: Buraka Som Sistema

Whenever I need to cheer up or have to get pumped up there’s only one solution and that’s Buraka Som Sistema. It’s a Portuguese group of singers, producers, musicians and dj-s that’s been adding awesomeness to my life since 2008.

Buraka Som Sistema

For those of you that haven’t heard of Buraka Som Sistema before, one could describe their music as a fusion between Angolan Kuduro and up to date electronic music. Kuduro is not only a genre of music, but also a dance.  Buraka Som Sistema have created a whole new sound that has influenced producers, djs and audiences all over the world. Mostly I would like to say that they (among just a few others) are the ones to thank for having a european tropical bass scene.

[spotify id=”spotify:track:3ovzlSJZVe1g4as77ajDQz” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]

What I’ve heard from others who have seen them live are that it’s always dripping from the roof and their shows are something else. It’s just like a big dance battle, with a pumped up crowd and a colourful live band. How can you not be tempted to join? You could just look at one of their music videos to get a hint of what they do on stage! My favorite song is Kalemba (Wegue Wegue), which I listen to every time I walk to work. Then I pretend to be in a music video (yes, I’m still 8 years old from time to time).

Here is a video with parts of the group on a live dj-set at Boiler Room that kind of sums up what sound they have been a part of creating and contributed to!

So… I’ve been waiting since 2008 to see them live and now they are coming to Copenhagen in just 2 weeks!  They are coming to screen their documentary “Off the beaten track” and do a live show with full band and everything!

This is so good I can’t handle it. So I’ll see you there!

What is your dream concert? Tell me about it in the comments field below!

(photo credit:  Buraka Som Sistema)