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New Artist: Slackin’ Beats

Slackin’ Beats, is a producer and DJ from Katrinehlom, Sweden. Up until now Katrineholm has only been a place where I waited for hours when I  lived in Oslo and had been home visiting friends and family. But now the small city has grown in my eyes, and that’s all thanks to Slackin’ Beats!

In one remix this small town producer summarizes a part of 2013. With an amazing Jersey Club remix of Mack Beats’ track “Lägg Dig Ner” – two of my best discoveries of 2013 emerge into one perfect track!

If you have any questions about Jersey Club and know Swedish you should check out Malin Wester’s blog here.

I want to hear and see more of this guy, so shouldn’t we book him together? Do you want to have Slackin’ Beats DJ at your club?

Make it happen, by following these three steps:

  1. Sign in to using Facebook or your email and click ‘Suggest new concert’
  2. Once the suggestion is accepted by Slackin’ Beats and the venue, buy your ticket and start promoting the potential gig to other fans and friends
  3. When enough tickets are sold the gig  is booked and successfully financed!

Don’t be shy, contact us if you have any questions.

Above Orange – Better Days

Above Orange, from Lund, Sweden are releasing their new EP, Unreal City, on 5 December. Here is their new single, Better Days. Enjoy!

Do you want to see Above Orange live? Make it happen, by following these three steps:

1. Sign in to using Facebook or your email and click ‘Suggest new concert’
2. Once the suggestion is accepted by Above Orange and the venue, buy your ticket and start promoting the potential concert to other fans and friends
3. When enough tickets are sold the concert is booked and successfully financed!

Don’t be shy, contact us if you have any questions.

Live Music for Social Good

Chime for Change
The Sound of Change Live in London

Today is World Humanitarian Day – a day to raise awareness of aid workers who risk their lives and dedicate their passion and time to humanity. This year people are joining the conversation on Twitter and sharing their views on what #TheWorldNeedsMore.

But what has music got to do with it?

Music has the ability to inspire, unleash emotions and change people. We all know that when you hear a song on the radio, it can trigger a feeling that you had the first time you heard the song, or when you saw that band play live. Music triggers passion, love, engagement, excitement and ease – a range of emotions!

The United Nations works with celebrities and musicians to raise awareness of their campaigns and programs. Last year, Beyoncé inspired millions of people to mobilize for humanity, through World Humanitarian Day’s “I was here” Campaign.

Live music has been used for years to raise awareness and funds for those in need. Bob Geldof was a pioneer when it comes to setting up live streamed arena concerts for social good, through Live Aid in 1985 – as a millennial, I wasn’t even born yet, but it has changed the way we use live music for good. We’ve seen campaigns like Make Poverty History, with Bono in the lead, and today, we’ve got movements like Chime for Change and Global Citizen.

Global Citizen is a movement to educate people about how to end extreme poverty, and have the chance to go to live music events too. We’re excited to be attending the Global Festival in September, in New York City!

On June 1 this year, Chime for Change, a global campaign founded by Gucci to raise funds for and awareness about the empowerment of women and girls, celebrated The Sound of Change, a groundbreaking concert in London featuring well-known international celebrities and musicians, including change-makers, activists and leaders. Chime for Change partnered with Catapult (a crowdfunding platform for women and girls) to accelerate progress for on-the-ground projects dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls through access to education, health and justice. Musicians and celebrities have curated projects on Catapult, encouraging online donors and concert-goers to join them in crowdfunding projects they care about. Curators include Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, Salma Hayek Pinault, Frida Giannini, Olivia Wilde, Jada Pinkett Smith, Sarah Brown and Madonna.

This is what the Chimers accomplished on that day:

The Sound of Change raised $3.9 million (after VAT) that, through Catapult, has led to real impact for 84 organizations, funding over 210 projects in 81 different countries!

We can all have an impact!

We at Emues believe in social change. We believe in the power of each individual to make a difference. We are all empowered to save lives! We also believe that music has the power to inspire that change. Therefore, artists, bands and musicians have an incredible opportunity to use that power for social good. At Emues we want to make it possible for anyone to engage people to make a difference.

Through we are able to create new ways of funding concerts. We want to give you the tools to engage fans, book gigs and create unforgettable live music events  – what good comes out of it is up to your imagination!

At Emues, we believe #TheWorldNeedsMore #LiveMusic for #SocialGood!

What do you think live music can do for social good? How would you like to use your music for social good?

Negative Nancy Wins Nordic Emergenza Festival



Negative Nancy won the 2013 Emergenza Festival Nordic finals,  and will compete in Germany, at the International final at Taubertal Open Air. Here’s an interview with these modest guys after the win in Stockholm at Debaser, Medis.

We will be rooting for these Swedes in the global finals. Read more about Emergenza Festival, the world’s largest festival for unsigned bands at

You can suggest and book a concert with Negative Nancy through Emues.

This is how it works: 

  1. Sign in to Emues
  2. Visit Negative Nancy’s profile
  3. Suggest a gig, at a specific time and place (tip: suggest more than one band!)
  4. If the bands accept, it’s time to share the event with all your friends
  5. When enough tickets are sold, the gig is on!

Go book!

What’s Trending? You Decide!


We’ve got Billboard charts, top 10 lists, and personal favorites, and as people become more social media savvy, we’ve also got the popular-by-demand in  social cyber space: what’s trending. What’s talked about on Twitter in multiple 140 character posts is being followed by individuals, companies, institutions and organizations everywhere .

It seems, we’ve just got to tap into the most popular hashtag.

So when it comes to music, I’ve tried to figure out what’s trending at the moment. However, the more I’ve looked, a lot of it doesn’t seem applicable for what I would tweet about in regards to favorite stories, new music, bands and more. For example, Fuse, part of the Madison Square Garden Company, has launched a tv show featuring the daily top 10 stories of what’s trending, using their special heat  tracker of what’s popular on Twitter. As I check it out today, stories range from Demi Lovato becoming Barbie, Rihanna selling out shows and one of the Jonas Brothers hosting the Miss USA pageant. I am glad a lot of this slips my radar on Twitter, as these top 10 trending stories aren’t of interest to me. Instead, trending music stories should be relevant to the people reading them.

In April, Twitter launched their trending #music site and iPhone app, a service to socially find popular tunes from Twitter. It also allows you to listen to music that the people and artists you follow have shared (the service is currently available in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand). This seems to be a step in the right direction – your friends, your fans, your favorite artists under one umbrella.

What’s trending online is multiple voices talking about the same thing, and at times, the real voice of the people does break through the media buzz.

The fascinating thing about social media is the ability to connect with like-minded people, wherever you are in the world, and create a storm together.

Becoming an online tribe is an important step in breaking through, and that’s what’s fun about social media – it’s more about togetherness for success, rather than individualism. There are several fabulous tools online to connect with those you share an interest with, and it is an incredibly uplifting way to engage yourself socially. You can decide what’s trending in your world and work together to make things happen.

What I’d like to see is people coming together to create their unforgettable live music events. I don’t want a trending list to tell people what bands to follow and what music to listen too. Music is an individual experience, but often we share it with so many other people too (sometimes without knowing it). When artists connect with their fans online, anything is possible – and you don’t have to be thousands of people to create something amazing. What I hope to see is people taking charge of their experiences, shaping them, rather than becoming submissive to popular culture. From online interaction we can create fantastic live music events – created, shaped, decided by the people.

Real people with real experiences, because virtual just isn’t as much fun.

With Emues, that’s possible, it’s just your creativity that’s the limit.


/Julia, CMO, @jwklndr – Concerts booked by the people

A Sound Trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

What’s pumpin’ in Kuala Lumpur?

The idea behind Emues, is that every artist should get booked wherever they’ve got fans! Without any geographical or social borders and without  financial risks. Being a Swedish start-up now with crew members in Tokyo, Japan (more about that in a blog post very soon) we wanted to learn more about what’s going on in Southeast Asia – as we want more cross-country and cross-continent tours to happen for upcoming artists!

Last week we had the chance to visit Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to meet up with some new friends. During our short trip we came across several great and inspiring people, venues, initiatives and artists putting up real cool shows pushing the independent music scene in the region forward.

Here are some highlights

Friendly meet-and tweet ups: At Midem this year we met Bunkface, Goldfish and Blink and Amanda Imani from Kuala Lumpur, and we had the chance to catch up with them. Goldfish and Blink are pumping it from the DJ both at Zouk, Bunkface are now out on tour Bunk Not Dead (check out their tour program), and Amanda Imani recently released her new album!

Hip-hop showcase: We had the chance to head to The Venue for a hip-hop showcase set up by the people behind The Movemint with friends.

Photo 2013-05-26 10 42 50 Photo 2013-05-26 10 47 32

World Music Day, Fête de la music: Celebrated by a huge crowd in the Bukit Bintang neighbourhood around great venues like No Black Tie and  The Establishment, these kids played a sweet instrumental piece.

2013-05-31 21.52.07

Scuba diving with Malaysia’s Idol: Markus and Julia went scuba diving with Riz Zaizizi for his TV show ‘Arena Extreme ‘ on channel Astro 180 for RTM Tvi, hovering the amazing corals among eagle-rays, murrays and huge sea turtles. If you’re in Malaysia, be sure to tune in to Riz’s TV show.


Are you in Southeast Asia?

We’d love to hear and blog about your music experiences and learn more about what’s going on in the region, so share your tips and experiences with us! Comment on this post, tweet us on @EmuesLive or connect with us on our Facebook page.


Dear Fans,

We would like to send you a reminder that YOU have the power to suggest, book and promote concerts through Emues is currently only open for use in Sweden and Denmark, but in early 2013 we will be opening up for several new countries around the world. However, artists from all over the world are now signing up. The idea is that wherever fans want to hear their bands play, the gig is on.

Now that you have the power, you also have the possibility to steer the ship in the direction you want it to go!

Make sure that your favourite bands register on, so that they can be booked on a stage near you.

We’ve created a poster that could help you along the way. Share it with your favourite bands (post it on their Facebook walls, send it to them on Twitter, post it on your blog) to ensure that they get registered and that YOU have the possibility to make a concert reality.



Let us know if you have any comments, questions or concerns. We look forward to helping you make your live-music dreams reality.

Let’s make it happen!

Warm regards from The Emues Crew