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Spotlight: Zophy

Who is Zophy and when did she see the daylight?

Zophy is an electro/house/complextro DJ based out of Malmö, Sweden. I started to DJ together with a friend, on some really old and crappy equipment in my living room back in 2010. Back then we were DJing in a duo together, but in early 2013 I decided to go solo and that’s when Zophy was born.

Can you try to explain a typical Zophy-set?

A typical Zophy-set includes a lot of energy, base and all those electro sounds that I love. The most important thing for me during a set is to connect with the audience. I think the hardest part about being a DJ is to constantly read the audience to see what they like and what they react to. It’s all about that. Also, I always try to throw in some surprises, something that the audience doesn’t expect, that I know they’ll love.

What’s the ambition with Zophy and what happens in the future?

My ambition right now is to keep on doing my thing and to have fun with it. I want to keep playing the music I love and to make people dance. I hope that the future will bring some really interesting stuff. I have some projects for this autumn/winter, but nothing is final so I have to keep it a secret for now.

Zophy will be DJing at the Emues Showcase in Malmö, Sweden on Saturday, July 26, 2014. Be there!

Welcome Amel!

We are honoured to welcome Amel to the Emues Crew. As an Emues Activist, Amel will be involved in several exciting projects and collaborations. He will also be blogging right here on the Emues Blog! 

My name is Amel Suljevic and I am the latest addition to the Emues Crew, as an Emues Activist. I recently moved to Malmö, Sweden, where I now study Media and Communication at Malmö University.

I got in touch with Markus, the founder of Emues, almost immediately when I came to Malmö. Before we hooked up I had heard a lot of things about this new-thinking platform for booking concerts. I loved the idea from the very start because I have worked with booking concerts in my hometown Katrineholm and I am aware of all the problems and difficulties with that process.

Besides of my attempts of being a ”cultural concert-booking superhero” in a pretty boring home town, I consider myself to be a regular guy who loves great music and especially good live-music. I love going to different concerts, festivals and clubs to explore and experience new music.

I am really stoked to be working with Emues, to have the chance to contribute to the future live music industry and with a positive impact and change!

Not a big fan of playlists (can’t ever stick to them and keep on updating them) but I made one especially for this occasion with som ballin’ tracks!

Connect with Amel

Follow and connect with Amel on Twitter and Instagram!

What’s bloggin’ in Sweden, GNUČČI? (part 4/4)

The past week we have been posting a mini-series called ‘What’s Bloggin’ in Sweden’, and this is the final post in this series. 

GNUČČI shares her music blog insights


The whole Emues Crew freaks out every time GNUČČI releases any new tracks. Her work is always composed by crazy rythm and lyrics, creative videographics and grooves! We are star struck about having her chip in to this mini series sharing her top Swedish music blog tips. Ladies and gentlemen put your hands up for….. GNUČČI!

The absolute best way to discover any kind of music, Swedish or other is to go straight to the source.

These days you can choose to get it all from the artist or label and best is Soundcloud, but also Facebook and Twitter pages and that is 4-ever gonna be the best way to discover music! I´d like to namedrop following Swedish Soundcloud pages:

Svensk Bas

Julia Spada


Stocktown is nice. You can filter by countries, this is the Swedish one.

Spotify. Here’s a Spotify playlist with some Swedish hiphop: Digster SVENSK HIPHOP

[spotify id=”” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]


Check out previous tips by these lovely people Martin Thörnkvist, Ladyfest Malmö, and Patrik Larsson!

What are your top sources for new music inspiration in your home country? Share them with us by emailing, tweeting to @EmuesLive or by commenting in the comment field below.

What’s Bloggin’ in Sweden, Patrik Larsson? (Part 3/4)

Several Swedish music industry professionals have shared their top online destinations for Swedish music inspiration. So far, Martin Thörnkvist and Ladyfest Malmö have shared their blog tips.

Next up is Patrik Larsson

patrick-larssonPatrik Larsson is a guru in the Swedish music business. Involved in many exciting projects as A&R, consultant, manager and currently working at Uniform Beat, a division of Playground Music Scandinavia.

Check out one of his projects, VadUpp, a creative platform showcasing emerging Hip-Hop from the Nordic countries.

Here are his top 3 Swedish music blog tips:



festivalrykten[spotify id=”” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]

Don’t miss the upcoming music blog tips from GNUČČI! Stay tuned.

What’s bloggin’ in Sweden, Martin Thörnkvist? (part 1/4)

We are super proud to be partly based in Malmö, Sweden. It’s an inspiring place for both music and startups! More and more frequently friends from overseas ask us for recommendations of Swedish music blogs and channels that are good at highlighting new upcoming Swedish music.

We’d like to lighten up this week by adding some lovely music spots for you to hangout online. So we’ve reached out to some of our friends asking them for their top 3+ places to go to for their weekly Swedish music shot. We’re calling this mini-series “What’s bloggin’ in Sweden?” So the coming four days, starting today, you will hear from four lovely and inspiring friends of ours: Martin Thörnkvist, GNUČČI, Patrick Larsson and Ladyfest!

Martin Thörnkvist holds the mic


As an entrepreneur, founder of the label Songs I Wish I had Written, manager for the artist Motoboy, media trend-analyst and now director of The Conference Martin surfs the world-wide-web on a minute-frequent basis for new tech, trends and music.

Check him out on his website.

My top places to go to for my daily Swedish music shot are: 



[spotify id=”spotify:user:fewmanchu:playlist:5SjBWubN9ieTPR8kK4whJ8″ width=”300″ height=”380″ /]



[spotify id=”spotify:user:fewmanchu:playlist:5SjBWubN9ieTPR8kK4whJ8″ width=”300″ height=”380″ /]

Tomorrow in ‘What’s bloggin’ in Sweden?’ you will hear from Ladyfest Malmö through Emelie, about their best online spots for Swedish music. Stay tuned!

What’s your favourite online hangout for new upcoming music? Share with us below or on twitter @Emueslive

It’s important to be open minded! – Heavy Metal

It’s fun to explore new things, especially new music! Here’s a top 100 playlist (well almost 100, it’s still in the making) that my brother made for my sister. She recently converted to heavy metal after a trip to Berlin. My brother made this for her as an introduction to the genre and it’s sub-genres. All this based on his knowledge and taste as a heavy metal connoisseur. He has the biggest record collection I’ve seen and it’s getting bigger almost everyday. I think it’s fantastic that I have someone to teach me stuff about things I have no idea about! Enjoy!

[spotify id=”spotify:user:vander_1hion:playlist:5RINST7VlUFT2PsdJNCuIv” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]