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Funked Up Live at the Emues Showcase

Funked Up played live at the Emues Showcase in November 2013 at Mitt Möllan in Malmö, Sweden. Funked Up have been dear friends of the Emues Crew since Emues took its first steps a few years back. The band has been booked by the people through Emues several times, and in this video and interview, they tell us a bit more about their experience with Emues.

Filmed by Sasha Bond & Joosep Koivistik. Check out Sasha’s YouTube and Joosep’s blog.

Now, you can join in and book Funked Up at KICK-START, at Babel in Malmö, together with Truman Legion. Get your tickets and ensure that Funked Up gets booked for another incredible gig!

Photo Credit: Emues/Inez Dawczyk
Photo Credit: Emues/Inez Dawczyk
Photo Credit: Emues/Inez Dawczyk
Photo Credit: Emues/Inez Dawczyk
Photo Credit: Emues/Inez Dawczyk
Photo Credit: Emues/Inez Dawczyk

Find more photos from the Emues Showcase in our Flickr set.


At the end of February and in early March, part of the Emues Crew is flying from Scandinavia to meet friends, listen to music and hang out in London. We’re there for a bit of business too.

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Surround Yourself With Love!

Today ANYONE can suggest, promote, and book gigs. EMUES gives YOU the power to revolutionize the live music industry. Let’s book gigs wherever the fans are. Fans have a lotta love.

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WHEREVER YOU’VE GOT FANS, THE GIG IS ON! empowers you as an artist to connect with your fans in a way that hasn’t previously been possible. When you’ve registered, and made yourself available in the calendar, you are ready to be suggested for gigs anywhere. And when you’ve sold enough tickets, driven by the will-power of your fans, your earnings are guaranteed and your fans are ensured the show they’ve been waiting for!

In this year, Emues has given over a thousand fans the possibility to suggest and book concerts with their favourite bands. As we look ahead to 2013, we are sure that a countless number of bands will have the possibility to play for a crowd that loves their music.

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