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Emues is a platform that empowers you to book and promote gigs by utilizing the purchasing power of the actual consumer – FANS! Through Emues anyone can suggest, promote, and book concerts. All of this is done in a way to guarantee your revenue, minimize your risk and ensure a happy crowd!


  • A passionate audience at your gigs
  • No risks! Revenue guaranteed before the concert is booked
  • Direct link with venues’ and artists’ fan-bases regardless of geography
  • Emues provides new ways to import live music
  • Cost-efficient ticketing system
  • Instant cash-back to the audience if the concert is cancelled
  • Unique possibilities for marketing and branding
  • Engage fans using integrated social networks directly on Emues.
  • New opportunities to develop the concert experience. Be creative!


  1. Sign in to Emues. Create your profile as Venue (same goes for Clubs), state your break-even and your availability for concerts. Inform your fans that you are ready to be booked through Emues. 
  2. matches available dates and calculates the ticket price. Anyone can suggest a concert on available dates.
  3. Accept or decline incoming concert suggestions. Before you accept a suggestion you are informed of the artist, ticket price and minimum tickets required.
  4. When the suggestion has been accepted by both parties (the artist and the venue) a Concert Page is automatically created, where tickets become available for purchase.
  5. Fans sign in using their favorite social network and are instantly connected to their friends on Emues – making it real simple to browse and experience music in a social way. With one click all users can promote concerts through social networks to enforce and trigger viral effects.
  6. When minimum tickets are sold on time the concert is booked, the audience guaranteed and the remaining tickets available for purchase through The gig is on! If the concert does not get booked or for any reason is cancelled, fans get their money back instantly.
  7. As soon as the concert has taken place, the artist and the venue are paid their given shares.



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