The Guide + Stina Künstlicher, presented by… YOU!

A week ago, UpSweden Malmö suggested a great concert through Emues: The Guide + Stina Künstlicher to play on the 2nd edition of The Night Starts Here at STPLN. And on Tuesday night, 20 tickets were bought, just in time, to confirm the concert.

That’s what Emues is really all about: You suggest a concert. You buy tickets. You make it happen.

We’re super happy and excited to see The Guide and Stina Künstlicher take on the stage knowing that YOU made it happen: Thank you UpSweden. Thank you STPLN. Thank you Fans. Thank you artists.

The gig is on!

I hope you enjoy this cozy 2nd edition of The Night Starts Here at STPLN and we’re looking forward to see which other concerts YOU will make it happen next!

Sincerely yours,
Emues Crew

Hello March!

March is here and so it’s our 2nd edition of The Night Starts Here that happens on March 9th at STPLN, in Malmö.

On stage we proudly present The Guide together with Stina Künstlicher. So, bring your own beer and join us for some  sweet music and chill hang out with your friends.


The Night Starts Here @ STPLN: The Guide and Stina Künstlicher


But this time, we’re taking it to the core: only YOU can make this concert happen! 20 tickets HAVE to be sold by next Tuesday (March 6th), otherwise, there will be no concert. So come on, support  The Guide and Stina Künstlicher now by getting tickets. They wanna play!


We are very happy to tell you that several new awesome bands have joined Emues. A big welcome to Crying Day Care ChoirFunked UpLe Shake Before UseShotgun Crackers and Sonja Skibdahl. Do you want to see any of them play at a venue near you? Easy: sign in, suggest a concert, spread the word and enjoy a concert with your favorite band live on stage.

Some of the bands registered on Emues are keeping themselves very busy. Fredrik was touring in California, Woodstripe just got back in Sweden from touring in San Francisco. Skilla did 3 gigs in a row for Schools. It looks like they had a blast!

This is Head, MF/MB and Turn off your television are in the studio recording new albums. We’re looking forward to get a sneak peek on the upcoming songs… All the best and good luck to you guys!

Rumor has it that Frantic Sunday might play in Malmö this Spring, following their new album release.
We also heard that they are Uppsala most amazing live band… What do you think?

We’re looking forward to all the great music coming up in March!

Sincerely yours,
Emues Crew


Best of by:larm 2012

It’s a wrap: by:larm 2012 is over!

Knut Aafløy interviewing legendary music producer John Leckie.

3 amazing full days of great music seminars and amazing Scandinavian bands performing in the hype venues in Oslo.

We met interesting people from all over the world brought together by Music.

And Music is what we love! So less words and more sound: we put together a Best of by:larm 2012 playlist for you to enjoy!

Did you hear about Emues on by:larm and want to talk to us?

We’ll be happy to talk to you! Reach us on our email or twitter


Emues Crew

The Night Started @ STPLN!

This was the 1st edition of The Night Starts Here @STPLN

The crowd at The Night Starts Here @ STPLN!

And what a great night it was: tables, couches and candles were in place to set a cozy atmosphere to all who came to enjoy good music and kick off their pre-party with us this last Friday here in Malmö.

They came in with their own drinks and gathered with friends to the sound of  Andrea Arvidsson (Doc Lounge/Gaffa/Rockfoto) and Elisabeth Östin (Psychedelic Flu), who welcomed everybody with the most inspiring female voices on folk-rock, pop and punk!

First on stage was Rovi, dressed in red, behind her keyboard, singing her beautiful songs along with Mattis, who would perform next. It was a warming and intimate performance, getting the audience to dive into her lyrics and melody along with her.

Mattis took on the stage next and we could all feel her strong presence: she sang and entertained the audience with good music and good stories, which she shared in between her songs. She got everybody laughing and engaged during her whole performance!

Linnea Jonsson was closing the night with her magic guitar and voice. Beautiful songs empowered with her acoustic guitar solos that got everybody dreaming away.

The crew at STPLN were amazing, thinking through each detail to make the night just perfect!

We’d like to thank everybody involved. We’re looking forward for the upcoming editions of The Night Starts Here at STPLN.

The upcoming dates are: 9/3, 30/3, 27/4, 18/5, 8/6

Remember: It’s up to YOU to make it happen! You can login on Emues and suggest the bands you wanna see performing in the upcoming dates at STPLN!

See you soon,

Emues Crew

The Night Starts Here

Save the date: on February 10th at STPLN here in Malmö, we invite YOU to get your party started with us at our first edition of The Night Starts Here

! The idea is very simple: you bring your own food and drinks, come by with a few friends at 20:00 to listen to great music in a cozy atmosphere. Andrea Arvidsson (Doc Lounge / Gaffa / Rockfoto) and Elisabeth Östin (Psychedelic Flu) set the mood  with the most inspiring female voices of folk rock, pop and punk scene. On stage, you’ll see the performance of 3 amazing Swedish singer songwriters: RoviMattis and Linnea Jonsson.

Get the tickets now on!

Tickets on Emues: 50kr
Tickets at the door: 90kr

The Venue: 

Stpln – Stapelbädden
Stapelbäddsgatan, 21119 Malmö, Sweden

See you there!

Emues Crew


6 Bands, 1 night: Malmö is a fun city!

Crowd @ Moriskan

Friday, 2012.01.27: 6 bands got together for a great music evening here in Malmö.

Jihad Dawod, with his vibrant arabic beats, opened the night hosted by the always shiny Suuz.
Pelle Hanspers got his band together to perform his latest songs and kept the audience wishing for more.
Long Long Showers shook the stage with their fun pop-rock and screaming girls on the front row!
Nikita Nox took on the stage: a beautiful outfit, her voice and her dancing moves matched perfectly with the night atmosphere… And before heading on their tour to California, Fredrik invited us to their amazingly crafted sonic landscape that they are now bringing across the Atlantic Ocean: amazing!
Åbäke closed the night with a great concert and set the tone with the right beats on the dancefloor. It was a fantastic evening!

The venue. Moriskan Paviljongen, was the perfect setting for this event: great stage, amazing staff, all in place to give the crowd a great concert experience!  ALL the money will be donated to youth initiatives from Lindängen, Holma, Seved and Rosengård.

We’re looking forward to see what projects will come up from that! For now, make sure to check our Flickr profile to see more photos of the event Malmö Sounds Better Together.


Emues Crew.

Malmö Sounds Better Together

On January 27th, the artists: Fredrik, Nikita Nox, Long Long Showers, Pelle Hanspers, Jihad Dawod and Åbäke are getting together for a great event, called Malmö Sounds Better Together!

Malmö Sounds Better Together
Malmö Sounds Better Together

Not only you’ll get the chance to listen to great music, dance the whole night, but the ticket you purchase will support youth initiatives from Holma, Seved, Lindängen and Rosengård, in Malmö, Sweden.

The fun starts at 20.00 at Moriskan Paviljongen, here in Malmö – Doors open at 19.00. You can get your tickets now at

See you there!

Help us promote this event: [Last.FM] [Facebook] [Moriskan] [Emues]


So much has happened in the Music industry in 2011. It was a great year for music!

Digital sales broke records, Spotify took over USA, great bands went touring, amazing Music Festivals. And more than ever, we’re ready for all that again and more in 2012.

Emues closed 2011 with a fun Turn off Your Television gig at Medea, here in Malmö. We just love those guys! Did you hear their latest single? We can’t wait to listen to their new album. We also met up with Pelle Hanspers, who gave us some insights about new music coming up this year. For now, you can check his latest album on Spotify or come see him live at Malmö Sounds Better Together, this 27th of January. Exciting stuff, we’re looking forward to see him live!

And during the end of 2011 our team grew, as well. Now we got some great people to keep the engines running!

Most of the bands registered on Emues have released new music in 2011!

We made a selection with the best songs of 2011: It’s a great playlist, so make sure to check it out and give us your feedback and suggestions! Are you missing any track here?

On January 27th we’ll have a great evening here in Malmö with Fredrik, Nikita Nox, Long Long Showers, Jihad Dawod, Pelle Hanspers and Åbäke,  all the ticket money will go to support youth initiatives in town. Sign in and get your tickets now on

We’d like to welcome you back into Emues this year. More bands are getting registered on the website and venues, which means that you have even more options now to suggest the concerts you want! Make it happen!

See you around!

The Emues Crew


THEN MAYBE YOU SHOULD CONSIDER APPLYING TO BE AN EMUES AMBASSADOR: Who ever you are, wherever you live – if you have a passion for music, concerts/gigs/shows and would like to get support from The Emues Crew to set up great shows in your city, then we would like to get in touch with you. At the moment we are looking for 10 ambassadors,

If you would like to apply, reach out to us through:

Twitter – mention us @emueslive and include #emues #ambassador
Email – send us an email to

Looking forward to hear from you!