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Become an Emues Activist!

Emues Crew

Emues Activists believe in the power of live music, in the power of people coming together and creating something beautiful. We believe that live music should be available for any fans who have the will to make it possible. Together we’re making it happen. Emues Acivists are creatives, who use their individual skills to contribute to the world of live music. As an Emues Activist:

  • your creativity is the driving force and you will get the credit for the outcome.
  • you engage artists, venues, and fans in your community (even if that is your global community – at Emues there are no limits) to book shows, tours, & gigs.
  • you will become a part of a growing network and showcase your skills to the world.
  • you will be given support from Emues staff to create unforgettable events booked by fans.
  • you will be included in the global team of Activists contributing content to the Emues blog and social media channels. 
  • your imagination is the limit.

Right now we are looking for Emues Activists to join our global crew. We are seeking creative individuals who are passionate about music and want to join a global movement creating live music events booked by the people. Wherever you are in the world, if you believe you fit the description above, please let us know by sending an email to crew@emues.com.


Emues gives people a new way to book concerts. The idea is that if there are enough people who want to see a band in a particular city the show is on! Anyone can suggest a gig. Once a suggestion has been accepted by the artist and the venue, tickets are up for sale and the concert gets booked once enough people have bought tickets. This is a way to minimize risk and secure an income for artists and venues. In other words, Emues is a sort of crowdfunding for gigs.

Whether you are an artist, venue or fan, the suggestion is only the first step. How do you ensure that the concert becomes reality?

Here is a guide we’ve put together to help you succeed in crowdfunding a gig through Emues.