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New venue: Kulturhuset Framtiden

2013 has turned into 2014 and we’re up for new meetings with inspiring people, like all the creative people we met last year. One example of a large amount of creativity and DIY-spirit is our newest venue. Meet Kulturhuset Framtiden in Linköping. I had a little chat with them where they present themselves and their activities.


To begin with, we’re so glad to have you guys with us on Emues!
Yeah, thanks a lot for hooking us up!

Who and what is Framtiden? How did it all start?
Kulturhuset Framtiden was started and is run by our small collective Streetexpressions, based in Östergötland, Sweden. Streetex is me Adrian Pettersson, and my buddies Pär Carlsson, Andreas von Knudelhausen, Julius Nord and Sebastian Galo, we make art, music, tattoos, host events and more. We’ve been a crew since 2010 and have, since the beginning, talked about finding some place to have our studios and, if there’s enough room, run a small, independent art gallery where we can exhibit artist we like and throw small parties.

As soon as we started looking for real we found this enormous old warehouse-space where we really could fulfill our dreams, and more. We opened in June 2013.

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Lucy Love

Emues is all about empowerment and engagement. That is why I love being a part of the Emues Crew as an intern.

So, because of the thinking that everything is possible I love artists like danish rapper Lucy Love!
Her whole career is built upon the idea of DIY. She is the one in charge of everything, from creating the music to graphic design and costume making.

Her new album Desperate Days of Dynamite was released earlier this week and it’s beyond this world!

Lucy Love – Desperate Days of Dynamite

[spotify id=”spotify:album:0rqXfmTU32WqqRJjSaBIxo” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]

Tonight I am at her release party in Copenhagen!
Have you been to a show with Lucy Love? Please share with us in the comment field below.

STATS: The Digital Path to Live Events

Today’s consumers prefer digital to access live events. This infographic from Google Think Insights shows how we increasingly use the web to access entertainment and to share our experience with others. Check it out!


Now what we at Emues believe is that we can take this a step further. We are seeing a DIY culture growing around the world, when it comes to several different industries, including tech, fashion, tourism and more. You don’t have to be in the backseat. You can decide and you can have an impact. In our interconnected world, it becomes easier and increasingly important for us to make informed decisions about what we consume. Now that applies to live music too. Today, it is more fun than ever, because you can