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New Release: i$allabout EP by Jeff and ByAnyMeans

I didn’t have the chance to see Jeff battling with Ness Lee last year nor did I see his performance at last year’s Roskilde Festival. But when I first came across his new released EP, from early this month, i$allabout, in collaboration with By Any Means, I realized that I’ll be sure to catch him live this year.

Jeff is backed on this EP by Robert Athill and S.P.

[spotify id=”spotify:album:5kvoaZhDaVpNtAvPRfvPh8″]

If you’re in Sweden and anywhere nearby Jeff’s hometown, Kristianstad April 5th, check this out.


NEWS: Swedish Pop Band BOA releases new EP – “Time Flies”

Photo of BOA
Photo credit to BOA – from www.facebook.com/boamusic

We have been following BOA, a band registered on Emues.com, with excitement as they have released new tunes, remixes and videos during the past year, filled with pure Gothenburg-pop. Today, the band releases a new EP, which they explain as: 

Something old, something new, something borrowed and a studio on the Swedish country side. 

This new EP, “Time Flies”, contains three songs that are all charactarized by a vintage or “retro” feel. The first track, Played My Part, can be listened to through Soundcloud below: 

BOA is Orsi Toró (vocals), Botond Bokor (guitar), Attila Bokor (guitar), Olof Gadd (bass), William Seidl (drums) and you can find them online through their website and Facebook. You can of course suggest a gig with the band through Emues as well, and get BOA booked at a venue near you.