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Our Top 10 Highlights of 2013

2013 passed quickly, as we’ve worked to expand our network, strengthen our internal processes, gain partners for the year ahead, and just have a lot of fun. The events below are listed chronologically – the numbers don’t necessarily indicate order of importance. 

1. Poplöst & Funked Up at Babel

2013 kicked off with an amazing show completely crowdfunded by fans through Emues with Poplöst and Funked Up.

Suggest a gig with Poplöst and/or Funked Up at a venue near you (through Emues of course)!

2. Emues, Finalist at midemlab

Emues was thrilled to be one of the finalists at midemlab, where the Emues Crew had the possibility to pitch the Emues business model for business partners and investors at midem, the world’s music market in Cannes, France at the end of January 2013. Markus, Founder of Emues explains:

We want to put millions of people in the position to book concerts, shows, gigs and tours around the world, focusing on the live music experience. We want artists to be able to perform wherever they have fans without any geographical boarders and financial risks. We want to make the live music business fun, transparent and cost-efficient.

Emues.com is an open social platform connecting artists, venues and audience by providing a service to set up, promote and sell live music events on their own terms. Emues.com enables anyone to suggest, promote and book live music events through crowd-funding and customer-driven models to secure successful tours and shows for all parties. Emues brings you the opportunity to decide who’s on stage in what city and when, utilizing brilliant open-source technologies and social networks that you enjoy.

Midem was also a fun space for us to meet many new and interesting people.

3. Diving with Malaysian Super Star and Hitting KL’s Underground Scene

Emues crew did Southeast Asia, and had a great time in Kuala Lumpur, the bustling and hip capital city of Malaysia. Markus hit the underground scene in KL, and among other locations, digged hip hop at The Venue.


Oh, and did we mention that we had the chance to go diving Riz Zaizizi, winner of Malaysian Idol? We’ll keep you posted when the video is released (yes, it will be broadcast on Malaysian national tv).

See more photos of Malaysia on Emues’ Flickr.

4. Our Immaculate Intern

2013 has been a year of hard, hard work, but it was wonderful to invite our intern Maja Goffe on board! This DJ extraordinaire and comms girl made a fabulous entry into the Emues Crew in 2013 and has contributed with a lot of great work. Read Maja’s blog posts here!

5. Swedish Summer

Summertime is never missed out when listing highlights of the year (summertime in Sweden especially).

6. Global Citizen Festival

Must we say more? Here’s one of our favorite memories, Bono’s introduction of Stevie, the one and only.

See more photos from Global Citizen Festival in our NYC set on Flickr.

7. Minc Malmö

Minc Malmö is the hub for innovators and entrepreneurs in Malmö, Sweden, one of the world’s most innovative cities. It has been an honor being a part of Minc and it’s a fabulous place for an office. Our Founder, Markus, is now hanging on the wall of Minc Malmö, although he’s not there in person, he’s sending y’all a friendly “hello” and “go for it!”.

minc_exit15Photo credit: Johan Bävman.

8. CMJ 2013

CMJ Music Marathon takes over New York City every year as the most important showcase festival in the world, with over 1400 bands playing around the city in 5 days and nights. Emues hit the streets this year and attended several gigs during CMJ. Read Julia’s post with 2 of her highlights.

The Preatures at Piano’s, NYC. Photo: Emues / Markus Wiklander

9. New York City

Besides Social Good Summit, Global Citizen Festival and CMJ, we spent some great weeks in New York City. Yes, it is the best city in the world.

See more photos from New York City in our NYC set on Flickr.

10. The Emues Showcase in Malmö

At the end of the year, Emues arranged a showcase, with 3 local bands (Funked Up, Anna Jadéus and tontine) at MittMöllan – a hip marketplace in the middle of Malmö, Sweden. Photographer Inez Dawczyk took some fabulous photos.

tontine live at the Emues showcase. Photo Credit: Emues/Inez Dawczyk

View more of Inez’s photos!

Thanks for last year! Here’s to 2014!

Malmö för Musikhjälpen (Malmö for Music Aid)

Every year Musikhjälpen (Swedish for music aid) is hosted by P3 Swedish Radio, Swedish Television and Radiohjälpen, to raise funds to a neglected humanitarian or development crisis. During the project, three programme hosts live for six days in a house constructed of glass without access to food—instead, the hosts drink a special type of juice for sustenance. While the hosts reside in the house, they play songs requested by radio listeners, TV viewers, followers on the Internet or from those people who visit the glass box. While making song requests, the listeners are expected to donate a certain amount of money to the project. Musikhjälpen is based on the Dutch programme Serious Request.

Malmö is joining the initiative by hosting a special event with local bands and artists to raise money to musikhjälpen. This year the money raised will go towards helping women survive their pregnancy. As the founder of Girls’ Globe, I will be speaking at the event about the problem, the emergency, the positive change that is being made, and the possibilities for all of us to get involved. So come, learn more, donate to a great cause and listen to some amazing live music.

Join us in Malmö!


STATS: The Digital Path to Live Events

Today’s consumers prefer digital to access live events. This infographic from Google Think Insights shows how we increasingly use the web to access entertainment and to share our experience with others. Check it out!


Now what we at Emues believe is that we can take this a step further. We are seeing a DIY culture growing around the world, when it comes to several different industries, including tech, fashion, tourism and more. You don’t have to be in the backseat. You can decide and you can have an impact. In our interconnected world, it becomes easier and increasingly important for us to make informed decisions about what we consume. Now that applies to live music too. Today, it is more fun than ever, because you can


What’s Trending? You Decide!


We’ve got Billboard charts, top 10 lists, and personal favorites, and as people become more social media savvy, we’ve also got the popular-by-demand in  social cyber space: what’s trending. What’s talked about on Twitter in multiple 140 character posts is being followed by individuals, companies, institutions and organizations everywhere .

It seems, we’ve just got to tap into the most popular hashtag.

So when it comes to music, I’ve tried to figure out what’s trending at the moment. However, the more I’ve looked, a lot of it doesn’t seem applicable for what I would tweet about in regards to favorite stories, new music, bands and more. For example, Fuse, part of the Madison Square Garden Company, has launched a tv show featuring the daily top 10 stories of what’s trending, using their special heat  tracker of what’s popular on Twitter. As I check it out today, stories range from Demi Lovato becoming Barbie, Rihanna selling out shows and one of the Jonas Brothers hosting the Miss USA pageant. I am glad a lot of this slips my radar on Twitter, as these top 10 trending stories aren’t of interest to me. Instead, trending music stories should be relevant to the people reading them.

In April, Twitter launched their trending #music site and iPhone app, a service to socially find popular tunes from Twitter. It also allows you to listen to music that the people and artists you follow have shared (the service is currently available in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand). This seems to be a step in the right direction – your friends, your fans, your favorite artists under one umbrella.

What’s trending online is multiple voices talking about the same thing, and at times, the real voice of the people does break through the media buzz.

The fascinating thing about social media is the ability to connect with like-minded people, wherever you are in the world, and create a storm together.

Becoming an online tribe is an important step in breaking through, and that’s what’s fun about social media – it’s more about togetherness for success, rather than individualism. There are several fabulous tools online to connect with those you share an interest with, and it is an incredibly uplifting way to engage yourself socially. You can decide what’s trending in your world and work together to make things happen.

What I’d like to see is people coming together to create their unforgettable live music events. I don’t want a trending list to tell people what bands to follow and what music to listen too. Music is an individual experience, but often we share it with so many other people too (sometimes without knowing it). When artists connect with their fans online, anything is possible – and you don’t have to be thousands of people to create something amazing. What I hope to see is people taking charge of their experiences, shaping them, rather than becoming submissive to popular culture. From online interaction we can create fantastic live music events – created, shaped, decided by the people.

Real people with real experiences, because virtual just isn’t as much fun.

With Emues, that’s possible, it’s just your creativity that’s the limit.


/Julia, CMO, @jwklndr

Emues.com – Concerts booked by the people