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Check out: The People the Poet – The Narrator

The People The Poet‘ is a British band with the album ‘The Narrator’ in their portfolio. The songs on the album are based on people’s life stories that have been sent to the band by their fans. The album was written over three years and got released in 2013.

Since we believe good work deserves attention and publicity, we want to lift it again!

Have a listen to the album here:

New Release: Brothers Among Wera – Mammoth

Brothers Among Wera is a Stockholm based folk rock band. In 2014 they released their first EP and the band have brought a lot of attention to themselves through their shows. Today they release their new single ‘Mammoth’. Have a listen!

Suggest Brothers Among Wera for a concert

  1. Sign in to Emues, simply using your email or Facebook
  2. Click ‘Suggest New Concert’ and type Brothers Among Wera
  3. Select a suitable Venue and date
  4. Click the Suggest-button, easy!

Spotlight: High Coast

We had the opportunity to meet up with this Swedish Indie-Folk-Americana band to chat about music, building a band, inspiration and more.

Watch the full interview with High Coast below.

High Coast and Joe & The Anchor was successfully booked by their fans, for a lovely evening (tonight!) at Southern Sweden’s indie club, Kick-Startat Babel in Malmö. See you there!



Amazing New Music Video: Iida – “Hands”

The new video by Swedish artist Iida is a fabulous call for greater communication, and was premiered on Gaffa.se today. Iida, who has shot up on the charts with her previous single Life Will Kill You, mixes folk, classical and pop music into sweet, sensual and incredibly strong tunes.

For this amazing video, featuring a dancer who is also one of my closest friends, Iida worked together with a deaf girl Amina. Through their cooperation they were able to communicate using their hands, showing that it may be easier than one believes to understand or to be understood.

Watch this fresh video by Iida, and let her know that we’d love to see her on Emues, so that we can suggest and book concerts to see her play live on a stage near us!

NEW RELEASE: The Glade – “The World Through Your Eyes”

Coverart by Hicke Jakobsen

Swedish, Americana Folk Rock band The Glade has today released a new single, “The World Through Your Eyes”, the first from their upcoming album. Enjoy.

Four singles will be released before the album “What Turns On The Lights” is released on Feb 17th, 2014. Stay tuned, we’ll be sharing these singles on our blog as they become available!

Do you want to see The Glade live?

Suggest, promote and book a gig through Emues. This is how it works:

  1. Suggest a concert
  2. Once the suggestion is accepted by The Glade and the venue, buy your ticket and start promoting the potential concert to other fans and friends
  3. When enough tickets are sold the concert is booked!

Let us know if you have any questions: crew@emues.com. 

This is The Glade: Tobbe Gustavsson – Bass, Nils Janlöv – Lead Guitar, Martin Karlsson – Percussion, and Jonas Carping – Vocals, Guitar. Additional musicians on this track: Maria Thorstensson – Piano.


The past week we’ve seen some fabulous bands of great diversity get registered on Emues. Here are a few:


Sepia is a Finnish folk pop duo including Victoria Lindqvist’s powerful voice and Lauri Schreck on guitar. They sing in Finlandsvenska. Enjoy.

[spotify “http://open.spotify.com/track/37MRc6sVExKWaXNsduepVO” width=”600″ height=”166″]


Nasma is a grunge and metal rock band from Malmö, Sweden. These talented youngsters say they are influenced by the dirty city streets.


Forest Families

Forest Families is a Swedish band from Stockholm, leading the forest rock genre. They’ve been nominated Newcomer of the Week on Spotify and winner of the music competition “Spinnrocken” in Stockholm.

[spotify “http://open.spotify.com/track/2eyG2bPPxnnIxxIrQnzf3L” width=”600″ height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]


TungRøg meaning heavy smoke in Danish is a heavy group of energetic, beat popping, hiphopers that will ensure you can’t stand still. These guys are made to play live.


All these bands are ready to be booked by YOU! So, get clicking.


The new single from Swedish band High Coast, Talvatis, is inspired by the mystical stillness of the cold and dark northern winter.

High Coast is based in Malmö, Sweden, and make music with influences of americana, folk, pop and jazz music. Talvatis, named after a lake in northern Sweden, is the first single from High Coast’s eponymous EP. High Coast began to make music in 2010, at the time consisting of Daniel Walke and Per Gustafsson, a duo using guitar and banjo. Today, the band is made up of Daniel Walke, Joel Nelson, Per Gustafsson, Olof Bergström, and Sebastian Andersson, all of whom play multiple instruments, including mandolin and accordion.

High Coast’s first EP will be released by the independent label Red Tape Recordings during Spring 2013.

High Coast is on Emues, ready to be suggested and booked wherever they’ve got fans. Go suggest!