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New video release: Linda Pira – Knäpper mina fingrar

The absolute queen of Swedish hip hop at this moment is Linda Pira. She calls herself the Latin Queen and she also goes by the name Matriarken (The Matriarch). She released her debut EP last year and on Friday she dropped her new UV-light video for the latest singel Knäpper mina fingrar (Snapping my fingers). This queen is going to reign for a long time.

What’s bloggin’ in Sweden, GNUČČI? (part 4/4)

The past week we have been posting a mini-series called ‘What’s Bloggin’ in Sweden’, and this is the final post in this series. 

GNUČČI shares her music blog insights


The whole Emues Crew freaks out every time GNUČČI releases any new tracks. Her work is always composed by crazy rythm and lyrics, creative videographics and grooves! We are star struck about having her chip in to this mini series sharing her top Swedish music blog tips. Ladies and gentlemen put your hands up for….. GNUČČI!

The absolute best way to discover any kind of music, Swedish or other is to go straight to the source.

These days you can choose to get it all from the artist or label and best is Soundcloud, but also Facebook and Twitter pages and that is 4-ever gonna be the best way to discover music! I´d like to namedrop following Swedish Soundcloud pages:

Svensk Bas

Julia Spada


Stocktown is nice. You can filter by countries, this is the Swedish one.

Spotify. Here’s a Spotify playlist with some Swedish hiphop: Digster SVENSK HIPHOP

[spotify id=”http://open.spotify.com/user/digster.se/playlist/1UltEevqmtO7vKlPpVFcqB” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]


Check out previous tips by these lovely people Martin Thörnkvist, Ladyfest Malmö, and Patrik Larsson!

What are your top sources for new music inspiration in your home country? Share them with us by emailing crew@emues.com, tweeting to @EmuesLive or by commenting in the comment field below.


The past week we’ve seen some fabulous bands of great diversity get registered on Emues. Here are a few:


Sepia is a Finnish folk pop duo including Victoria Lindqvist’s powerful voice and Lauri Schreck on guitar. They sing in Finlandsvenska. Enjoy.

[spotify “http://open.spotify.com/track/37MRc6sVExKWaXNsduepVO” width=”600″ height=”166″]


Nasma is a grunge and metal rock band from Malmö, Sweden. These talented youngsters say they are influenced by the dirty city streets.


Forest Families

Forest Families is a Swedish band from Stockholm, leading the forest rock genre. They’ve been nominated Newcomer of the Week on Spotify and winner of the music competition “Spinnrocken” in Stockholm.

[spotify “http://open.spotify.com/track/2eyG2bPPxnnIxxIrQnzf3L” width=”600″ height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]


TungRøg meaning heavy smoke in Danish is a heavy group of energetic, beat popping, hiphopers that will ensure you can’t stand still. These guys are made to play live.


All these bands are ready to be booked by YOU! So, get clicking.