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The Emues Crew comes across a lot of cool music and we are happy to have the chance to feature some of the greatest, coolest and/or newest on our blog.

PAL is a band from Southern Sweden. They describe their music as minimalistic and mellow pop. PAL started out as a soloproject with Albin Johansson in 2007, but has grown a lot since then and now features Cristoffer Csanady and Adam Hjertström. Almost exactly a year ago, PAL released their debut album called Weeks.

Recently, PAL held a live-session at Studio Möllan in Malmö, Sweden, which was recorded by Karl-Johan Hjertstrom. We are glad to feature this new video of PAL’s new song Paperback. 


Be sure to check out PAL’s profile on Emues.com and suggest a gig with them. And Follow PAL on Twitter and on Facebook.


The crowd has made their voice heard!

Through Emues, the people have booked two concerts at the one week, event-packed Malmö Festival in Sweden, the largest festival in Scandinavia, with over one million visitors.

800 people had to participate to be sure that the bands they wanted to hear and see on stage, would be booked. Now whether you were a part of booking or not, make your way down to see them on one of the large scenes on Gustav Adolfs Torg in Malmö tomorrow (FYI this breathtaking event is for free).

Read more about the concert here and get your preview below.




Emues and The Malmö Festival 2012

We at Emues are true fans of the Malmö Festival and excited to announce the collaboration between the Malmö Festival and Emues this summer. The crew behind the Malmö Festival have the most impressive and diversified line-up this year, check out the festival program here.

And this summer YOU are given the opportunity to have an impact.

Two great concert suggestions are up on emues.com/malmofestivalen for Aug 18th, the first suggestion to reach 800 free tickets sold, will be booked. Sign in to Emues.com and click “Get FREE tickets” in order to support your favorite:

If you can’t make up your mind, simply click “Get FREE Ticket” to both suggestions!

The Malmö Festival is a free festival, so this is the first FREE concert booked through Emues.com. Learn more about the Emues concept and a bit about how it works here on our About-page.

Read more about the artists and this concert on the Malmö Festival webpage.
Follow the Malmöfestival on Twitter and Facebook.

Are you attending the festival?
– Share with us your best tip of what not to miss during the festival here on our blog.

We are looking forward to see you August the 18th at 7:30 pm on Gustav Adolfs torg in Malmö, Sweden!


Friday, April 27th, Malmö: Another amazing music night at STPLN with the crowdfunded concept The Night Starts Here.

A gig was suggested for Sonja Skibdahl and Funked Up and over 20 of their fans got together to make it happen. The result? A fun night in the always cozy atmosphere with a lot of great music.

Anna Tenfält and Josefine Trilhamn welcomed the crowd and kept music playing at all times, with great indie pop beats.

On stage, Sonja Skibdahl‘s music transcended the lyrics: between Swedish and Finish, it was a personal sound that could speak to our hearts. An intimate start followed by her witty guitar and warm personality.

On a bit different pace, Funked Up took the stage and it was loud and good: groovy music that got everybody on their feet and wishing for more! There was crazy energy on stage on a sound that felt much more mature than their look. Oh yes: they know how to set the tone for a party.


It happened on a Friday night, in Malmö…

Friday’s concert at STPLN was completely booked by the audience. It’s a great thing for the music of Sweden. We take a big step towards the innovative live scene through this.

The Guide, with its gentle tones cover your body with the softest cotton and leaves no interested. Something that was hard to believe was that this was the first time Johan Falkenberg along with his new band forming ‘The Guide’ played live. It was with great self-esteem and instinctive ability they formed their melodies. This is something we deeply look forward to!

The crowd @STPLN - The Night Starts Here

Stina Künstlicher creates music with the look that one rarely encounters in today’s society, these little made-up eyes. By relating to  important Swedish poets and writers, Stina sang with the full consideration and rhetorical meeting songs of the great and the little in life. Something that got the receiver to think, laugh and look around.

And to keep the music around the whole night, DJ Offbeat was right on with every beat. Music was all around.

You can check more pictures on our Flickr set!

With two completed “The Night Starts Here“, we hope with STPLN that there will be other nights where we can begin the evening with you, because it’s you who make it possible, right?

If you want to suggest a concert for the next edition of The Night Starts Here, which happens on March 30th @ STPLN, you can do it NOW! Log in on your Emues account and click on SUGGEST A CONCERT: select the band you want to see at STPLN and make it happen!

Sincerely yours,
Emues Crew

The Guide + Stina Künstlicher, presented by… YOU!

A week ago, UpSweden Malmö suggested a great concert through Emues: The Guide + Stina Künstlicher to play on the 2nd edition of The Night Starts Here at STPLN. And on Tuesday night, 20 tickets were bought, just in time, to confirm the concert.

That’s what Emues is really all about: You suggest a concert. You buy tickets. You make it happen.

We’re super happy and excited to see The Guide and Stina Künstlicher take on the stage knowing that YOU made it happen: Thank you UpSweden. Thank you STPLN. Thank you Fans. Thank you artists.

The gig is on!

I hope you enjoy this cozy 2nd edition of The Night Starts Here at STPLN and we’re looking forward to see which other concerts YOU will make it happen next!

Sincerely yours,
Emues Crew