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ICYMI: The Emues DJ Showcase

In case you missed it, at the Emues DJ Showcase on July 26, 2014, some of the best local DJ acts took over Galleriet at Mitt Möllan in Malmö, Sweden. The Showcase was a great “Boiler Room”-type party in the heat of the summer, to cool down and heat up, with five DJ acts spinning their beats.  

This is one of several Emues Showcases that we put together to highlight some of all the amazing artists on Emues.com – where you have the possibility to suggest, promote and book shows.

Photo Credit: Emues
Photo Credit: Emues

See all the photos from the showcase in our Flickr folder.

Here’s a summary of the line up…

Jesper Bohman

Malmö, Sweden - July 26, 2014 Photo credit: Emues / Pontus Hammarström http://instagram.com/hammarstroom
Photo credit: Emues / Pontus Hammarström – http://instagram.com/hammarstroom

Jesper Bohman is on Emues, suggest a show!

Slackin’ Beats

Slackin’ Beats is on Emues, suggest a show!

Maja Goffe

Photo Credit: Emues
Photo Credit: Emues

Maja Goffe is on Emues, suggest a show!


Zophy is on Emues, suggest a show!


Makks is on Emues, suggest a show!

Spotlight: MAKKS

Who is MAKKS and when did he see the daylight?

Makks is an old rudeboy with a lot of gentleman qualities. He has been DJing for about 6 years, and been producing for about 4 years.

How would you describe a typical MAKKS-set?

A typical Makks set starts off at around 85 bpm with some slow wine tunes, then I work myself up tempo-wise. A main thing for me is to keep the energy flowing during my set, and not just jump from one track to another. Then it makes more sense for the crowd so they let go of their phones and start dancing. And musically I mix club music with dancehall, reaggeton, zoukbass and other rhythmical stuff!

What have you been up to this summer and what’s coming up?

Mostly working my daytime job, then been BBQing  every other day, and of course doin’ some beats.

Which track should we absolutely not miss out on this summer?

Oufff, there is so much good music coming every day. From my ringside, you should definitely listen to “Dem Show Me” from myself & Milanrepa out on Fresh Bed Recordings, and I heard my breddas Cocotaxi are cooking up something big for DuttyArtz in NYC!

MAKKS will be DJing at the Emues Showcase in Malmö, Sweden on Saturday, July 26, 2014. Be there!

Emues DJ Showcase

Last fall Emues had a showcase at Mitt Möllan in Malmö, Sweden, where some of all great bands on Emues were showcased. Now it’s time for the DJ acts! Some of all the awesome DJ acts are going to perform a special set for this showcase.

Saturday July 26th Emues will be taking over Stora Galleriet inside Mitt Möllan. Great music from awesome DJ acts (with more acts to come), refreshing beer from Pripps and a chance to get to know more about Emues vision that will change the concert industry. Emues is additionally always interested in talented and stoked new additions to our team (read about me here on the blog 😉

See you at Mitt Möllan! And hey, don’t forget to attend the Facebook-event.





More acts to be announced…

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