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Opening: Communications Intern in Malmö

Right now we are looking for a Communications Intern to join our crew in Malmö, Sweden. We are seeking an individual who is passionate about live music and wants to join a global movement creating music events booked by fans – but foremost a creative who loves social media, blogging and communications, and who wants to be a part of a small and ambitious team. If you believe you fit the description below, send us your resume and letter of interest to crew@emues.com.

Position Description

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As a Communications Intern, you will work with the Emues team to support core communication activities, including social media, the Emues blog, user engagement, and events. You will have the chance to showcase your unique skills within communication strategies, media production, social media, music reporting, and more.


  • Social media management,
  • Marketing,
  • Blogging,
  • Music event coverage,
  • Online relationship management,
  • Online social engagement,
  • Offline communications,
  • Manage campaigns,
  • Conduct interviews and create exciting content
  • Scan Emues roster of artists for news
  • Some media and graphics


  • Must excel in social media tools
  • Must work well independently and take initiatives
  • Must be outgoing and easily connect with new people
  • Preferably already has a strong social media presence
  • Marketing background/experience a plus
  • Must love live music
  • Live music event planning/marketing experiences a plus
  • Must be creative and enjoy working in a startup
  • Preferably a student, currently enrolled in a program related to marketing, strategic communications or related field

Technical Skills
WordPress, Social and Digital Media (Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, Twitter, Hootsuite, etc.),

Language Skills
Fluent in Swedish and English (both are working languages)

Location: Malmö, Sweden. The intern will have a flexible work environment, with the possibility of working from home and in other creative spaces – but must be available for team meetings.

Application Deadline: 15 November 2014
Application Review: On a rolling basis – We will review applications and hire as we find suitable candidates.
Compensation: Unpaid / Paid
Duration: 6 monthsFlexible Internship Period
Commitment Days: Part time or full time, 4-5 days per week (can be discussed with candidate)

Does this not suit your description? Are you passionate about live music and believe in the Emues concept – that fans should have the possibility to book concerts? Perhaps you should apply to become an Emues Activist

The Direct Connection

Today, more than ever, the music business is pulsating with the longing to connect to fans and engage people in new ways to produce the best possible solutions for the market.

Artists are using new tools to reach out to their fans, to be able to capture the momentum of online trends and hypes. An online presence is becoming increasingly vital for the success and survival in the industry.

MidemMidem 2013 Highlights states that “over 5 million artists now meet, engage and transact over online communities”. And trends show that artists increasingly have a direct connection to their fans, skipping many middle-men, who seem to be decreasingly important.

So this is where EMUES comes in.

Emues is the tool to enable artists (and/or their representatives), fans and venues to suggest, promote and book concerts, without the middle-men.

Emues empowers YOU to get that direct connection.

Emues is all about creativity and about creating a democratic space, giving the user the necessary platform to have direct control over which shows are booked, in which place and at what time.

At Midem 2013, the focus is going to be on creating a direct connection for all parties in the music business, giving people the forum to meet, discuss, and partner up.

We are now in sunny Cannes. Meet with us! Send us a tweet and we’d love to chat about how we can work together to enable that direct connection. 

CEOAnd don’t forget that Emues is a finalist of midemlab!

Our CEO Markus Wiklander will be presenting in the Midemlab – The Hottest Startups in Marketing and Social Engagement in the Innovation Factory, Lérnis Hall on Sunday 10:30-12:30.

Be there!