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NEW RELEASE: The boys of Poplöst release new single


The Swedish boys of Poplöst have released a new single. These talented lads light up the crowds with their pop-enthusiasm on stage. Their music has a playful feel, delivering sing-a-long tunes, and has matured with this latest single, “Vita Snittet” (now available on Spotify and iTunes). The song takes us back. Enjoy.

And, do like Markus, CEO of Emues. Head to the ocean with Poplöst in your ears.

Poplöst is playing at Malmöfestivalen this year. See them there!

Suggest and book a gig with these boys through Emues. 

NEW RELEASE: Turn off your television – “Between the lines”


Swedish three man band, Turn off your television, has recently released a new track. Between the lines continues to build the band’s deep melodious profile, with it’s strong guitar and husky vocals, creating the dreamy atmosphere of a dark New York City night, walking home. Enough describing, dream away for yourself.