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A couple of days ago we wrote about the upcoming Slackin’ Beats video and EP. Now it has arrived! The EP includes 4 instrumental hip hop-tracks and the track “Make Love” comes with a video. Check it out below!

We also had a little chat with the man behind Slackin’ Beats. He told us about his love for drums and artists that doesn’t give a damn. Read the full story below.

Who is Slackin’ Beats and when did he see the daylight?
Haha, where should i begin? Well, my ”real” name is Elvis Suljevic and musicwise i started off producing house music a few years ago under an alias called Elvix. I  have always been very open to all kinds of genres and after a while I felt that I needed a new creative challenge so I started this new project called Slackin’ Beats.
Slackin’ is a mix of Hip Hop, Jersey Club and R&B-ish beats. Almost anything that hits my mind could somehow fit in a Slackin’ Beat.

Can you explain your process when you’re making music?
First of all the software that i use is FL Studio. The process often starts off with me having a melody in my head. Then I try to transmit the melody from my head to my computer. And now is when the fun starts. By applying drums to the melody I basically am giving the beat it’s soul. The drums contributes to the feeling of the song more than you can imagine. I have also started to sample more lately. I sample all kind of stuff. It could be soul-acapellas or classical music, but I have a lot to learn when it comes to sampling.

What inspires you?
Mostly just music because it’s what I always have on my mind. I like when artists don’t give a damn about structures and rules and just do their own thing.

Do you have any particular artists that have influenced Slackin’ Beats?
The first one that crosses my mind is Kanye West because he has that mentality that I love. Musicly, producers like Cashmere Cat, Ta-Ku, Kaytranada and Hudson Mohawke are big inspirations. Just like Slackin’ Beats, their music is very influenced by HipHop and R&B, but they’re taking it to a whole other level. Take Ta-Ku for example. His beats encourages you to play around with samples, but still focus on the melody. That is the key to great music if you ask me.

Tell us about the Make Love EP?
Make Love EP is Slackin’ Beats first self-produced project. Earlier I have only made remixes. The EP includes four tracks that I would describe as soulful instrumental hip hop-beats. The tracks are kind of diverse and the feeling you get while listening to the beats will be very different, I think.

If you could suggest another act through Emues.com, who would it be?
Shouts back to OUSLO with some epic minimalistic house!

Would you like to see and hear more of Slackin’ Beats or OUSLO? Suggest a gig with either of them through Emues.

New Artist: OUSLO

I had a quick chat with OUSLO the other day. OUSLO is a guy from Gothenburg, Sweden and he just recently started producing music. When I asked him to describe his sound he just answered that time will tell. But I think that we both can agree on that he’s serving us some nice house.
Listen for yourself and you’ll find out!

Who’s OUSLO?
OUSLO came up as a name because of the capital of Norway , which is Oslo. A friend of mine is living there!

When did OUSLO see the daylight?
I must say that I’m not a fan of daylight. Because when it comes to music it should be dark and cold, down underground, loud and clear.

Can you explain your process when you’re making music?
I think that my producing is little bit weird and unusual. It’s just me mixing and looping different sounds together in my controller, playing around a little bit and then just doing it a few more times. I recently started with Logic so I’m still a rookie there.

What’s the ambition with OSLOU and what happens in the future?
I’m a big dreamer and I know where I’m heading in my dreams. It’s not to a specific landmark, but it’s behind the controller, spreading the energy that I get from the music. I’m serious about this and I’m trying to become professional.
The future.. Who knows what that is? I have no idea what happens next. The only thing I can do is to pull my trigger as hard as I can. Because if I get a chance, I’ve got to make sure that “they” won’t forget me!

If you could suggest another act through Emues.com, which would it be?
Slackin’ Beats, my homie!

Would you like to see and hear more of OUSLO?
Suggest a gig with him and his homie, Slackin’ Beats on Emues.