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New Release: i$allabout EP by Jeff and ByAnyMeans

I didn’t have the chance to see Jeff battling with Ness Lee last year nor did I see his performance at last year’s Roskilde Festival. But when I first came across his new released EP, from early this month, i$allabout, in collaboration with By Any Means, I realized that I’ll be sure to catch him live this year.

Jeff is backed on this EP by Robert Athill and S.P.

[spotify id=”spotify:album:5kvoaZhDaVpNtAvPRfvPh8″]

If you’re in Sweden and anywhere nearby Jeff’s hometown, Kristianstad April 5th, check this out.


Abidaz feat. Robyn – Nitti5

So, don’t you just love the new release from Abidaz, Sweden’s most interesting rapper at the time? According to me the best track on the album In & Ut is the track Nitti5 where queen of pop Robyn is featured. No words needed, it’s just wow! Do yourself a favour this Friday and listen now.

[spotify id=”spotify:track:2pWlQfkj3hVvD6wERMckuw” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]

Here’s the official video of the tracks Benägen and Kvalitet & Kvantitet

Lucy Love

Emues is all about empowerment and engagement. That is why I love being a part of the Emues Crew as an intern.

So, because of the thinking that everything is possible I love artists like danish rapper Lucy Love!
Her whole career is built upon the idea of DIY. She is the one in charge of everything, from creating the music to graphic design and costume making.

Her new album Desperate Days of Dynamite was released earlier this week and it’s beyond this world!

Lucy Love – Desperate Days of Dynamite

[spotify id=”spotify:album:0rqXfmTU32WqqRJjSaBIxo” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]

Tonight I am at her release party in Copenhagen!
Have you been to a show with Lucy Love? Please share with us in the comment field below.


The past week we’ve seen some fabulous bands of great diversity get registered on Emues. Here are a few:


Sepia is a Finnish folk pop duo including Victoria Lindqvist’s powerful voice and Lauri Schreck on guitar. They sing in Finlandsvenska. Enjoy.

[spotify “http://open.spotify.com/track/37MRc6sVExKWaXNsduepVO” width=”600″ height=”166″]


Nasma is a grunge and metal rock band from Malmö, Sweden. These talented youngsters say they are influenced by the dirty city streets.


Forest Families

Forest Families is a Swedish band from Stockholm, leading the forest rock genre. They’ve been nominated Newcomer of the Week on Spotify and winner of the music competition “Spinnrocken” in Stockholm.

[spotify “http://open.spotify.com/track/2eyG2bPPxnnIxxIrQnzf3L” width=”600″ height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]


TungRøg meaning heavy smoke in Danish is a heavy group of energetic, beat popping, hiphopers that will ensure you can’t stand still. These guys are made to play live.


All these bands are ready to be booked by YOU! So, get clicking.