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The young  Swedish producer from the small town Katrineholm Slackin’ Beats keeps giving us fresh remixes. After giving us new takes on Swedish tracks such as Mack Beats – Lägg dig ner and Amsie Brown – Min kvinna he has now decided to take on a modern classic, as he drops a heavy remix of Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc.

Would you like to see and hear more of Slackin’ Beats? Suggest a show with him through Emues.

Welcome Maja!

MajaMy name is Maja and I am a 26-year-old panda lover and DJ.

For the past four years I’ve lived in Malmö where I’ve studied media and communication. I finished my bachelor thesis this past spring and now I’m here at Emues as an intern, and that’s awesome!

Music has always been a natural part of my life. When I grew up I played classical cello and double bass, and that created a large interest for all kinds of music. I have spent a lot of time at dirty festivals and dark clubs just to get the perfect concert experience. From that the interest of contributing to the music scene grew. Since there are a lot of people who are more talented than I am at making music and playing it live, I decided that being a DJ was a perfect middle way. In that way I can enjoy music but also be a promoter and a perfomer!

I am super excited to work with Emues and help artists get their gig on!

Maja will be working with Emues in Malmö, Sweden. We are thrilled that Maja is joining the crew and we’re excited to add her coolness and ambition to our team. Get a taste of her favorite sounds through her Maja is the Intern @ Emues Spotify playlist:

As Maja is a fabulous DJ, we also want to use this opportunity to showcase one of her mixtapes:

Reach Maja on Twitter at @majamoffe and on maja@emues.com.