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Book a band to club Kick-Start!

The amazing people behind club Kick-Start in Malmö, Sweden, are using Emues as a tool to explore and book new talented up-and-coming bands. Throughout 2014 several bands have been booked by their fans through Emues for club Kick-Start at Babel in Malmö.

With the help of friends and fans you have the possibility to choose a band to get booked at this amazing club, where talents like The Ark, The Sounds, Magnus Tingsek, Helena Josefsson, David & The Citizens, The Rasmus and Sahara Hotnights all started their careers.

Suggest a band

Suggest a band by signing in to Emues.com and:

  1. Click ‘Suggest New Concert’
  2. Select the band(s) of your choice. (Can’t find the band you want? Encourage them to register on Emues, it’s free!)
  3. Select “Kick-Start @ Babel” as venue and pick a date during the Spring. (Available dates: Jan 29th, Feb 26th, March 12th & 26th,  April 16th and May 7th)
  4. Click the green button ‘SUGGEST’

Screenshot, Suggest Concert

To make it on to KICK-START’s official program, submit your suggestion before January 30th!

Read more about Kick-Start and some of their previous bookings through Emues:

Get to know some of the bands better and check out these interviews:

Do you have any questions? Please reach out to us via email, (crew@emues.com), Facebook or Twitter

Fans are Now Booking: Francobollo and Sista Bossen at KICK-START

Fans are now in the process of booking Francobollo and Sista Bossen at KICK-START at Babel in Malmö, Sweden.

Get your ticket and support the booking process of these two great up & coming bands. When enough tickets are sold, the gig is on!


This energetic, fun-loving, and easy-going band makes lo-fi, grunge-influenced music and puts on a show that’ll get your vibes up for weeks.

Sista Bossen

This Malmö-based band creates punk that vibrates the walls, with its full-of-attitude vocals and out of this world guitar.

KICK-START has several concert suggestions open to be booked by fans through Emues throughout the coming months. Check out the complete line-up and get your tickets to book the best, new, local bands around.