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6 Bands, 1 night: Malmö is a fun city!

Crowd @ Moriskan

Friday, 2012.01.27: 6 bands got together for a great music evening here in Malmö.

Jihad Dawod, with his vibrant arabic beats, opened the night hosted by the always shiny Suuz.
Pelle Hanspers got his band together to perform his latest songs and kept the audience wishing for more.
Long Long Showers shook the stage with their fun pop-rock and screaming girls on the front row!
Nikita Nox took on the stage: a beautiful outfit, her voice and her dancing moves matched perfectly with the night atmosphere… And before heading on their tour to California, Fredrik invited us to their amazingly crafted sonic landscape that they are now bringing across the Atlantic Ocean: amazing!
Åbäke closed the night with a great concert and set the tone with the right beats on the dancefloor. It was a fantastic evening!

The venue. Moriskan Paviljongen, was the perfect setting for this event: great stage, amazing staff, all in place to give the crowd a great concert experience!  ALL the money will be donated to youth initiatives from Lindängen, Holma, Seved and Rosengård.

We’re looking forward to see what projects will come up from that! For now, make sure to check our Flickr profile to see more photos of the event Malmö Sounds Better Together.


Emues Crew.