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The Emues Crew comes across a lot of cool music and we are happy to have the chance to feature some of the greatest, coolest and/or newest on our blog.

PAL is a band from Southern Sweden. They describe their music as minimalistic and mellow pop. PAL started out as a soloproject with Albin Johansson in 2007, but has grown a lot since then and now features Cristoffer Csanady and Adam Hjertström. Almost exactly a year ago, PAL released their debut album called Weeks.

Recently, PAL held a live-session at Studio Möllan in Malmö, Sweden, which was recorded by Karl-Johan Hjertstrom. We are glad to feature this new video of PAL’s new song Paperback. 


Be sure to check out PAL’s profile on Emues.com and suggest a gig with them. And Follow PAL on Twitter and on Facebook.


1. Who are Funked Up?

Charlie Kristensson, 21, Guitar
Works in Malmö and has studied music in Ystad, Sweden.
He likes oatmilk and wakeboarding.
His favorite TV show is with Swedish hosts Filip and Fredrik.

Dennis Kristensson, 18, Drums
Studies social studies and music in Ystad, likes cars and liftin’ weights.
His favorite movie is Pulp Fiction.

Mårten Petersson, 20, Vocals
Chilling in Abbekås, Sweden. He eats incredibly slowly. Likes 70s Funk and flip-flops.
He loves Swedish cheesecake.

Pelle Lindsjö, 16, Bass
Studies music at Heleneholmsskolan in Malmö. Likes fishing and baking bread.
Favorite song at the moment is “Moanin” with Charles Mingus.

2. When and how did Funked Up start?

Funked Up was created during the summer of 2008 after a day of riding BMX in our home town Abbekås, when Charlie asked Mårten if he wanted to play some covers. The same summer, Dennis broke Pelle’s leg after many intense games on Abbekås soccer field, which put Pelle in a wheelchair, where he gained an interest in playing the bass. Charlie, Mårten and Pelle started to play together, but were missing a drummer.

After using a drum machine on a keyboard for some time, the three of them asked Charlie’s brother Dennis if he would like to become their drummer.  Dennis, who had never touched a drum set, learned incredibly fast. And that’s how it all started.

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